6 Spooky Must-Have Songs for your K-Pop Halloween Playlist

6 Spooky Must-Have Songs for your K-Pop Halloween Playlist

Halloween is upon us again and with the holiday comes an excuse to have a great time; what's better than music! There is no shortage of spooky bops for K-Pop fans, but there are a few must-haves that no Halloween playlist would be complete without!

The following are 6 of the MUST-HAVE K-Pop songs you need for your Halloween playlist to keep the night fun, and of course, spooky!

6. Paradise Lost by Gain

Starting off list is a creepy yet sexy song from Gain. It starts with the classic Halloween sound of an organ and the beat throughout the song is deep and dark, and paire with Gain’s voice makes your skin crawl in the best of ways.

5. Obliviate by Bigflo

Next, we have a more energetic and trance-like song. For a long time, the trance sound has been synonymous with the creepy people of the night. Not every Halloween song has to sound dark and a bumping song like this is just what you need to get the creeps on the dancefloor.

4. Manyo Maash by Puer Kim

This song sounds like it came straight from The Addams Family soundtrack. It’s mystical sound really makes your body want to move as Puer Kim’s voice pulls you around the floor. This song pulls you in so quickly that you may want to have this placed more than once in your playlist.

3. Mine by Kim Jaejoong

Next up is a perfect mix of pop and rock that is perfect for the Halloween season. “Mine” will have you jumping around one second and then slowly moving your head to the melody the next and Kim Jaejoong’s voice will pull you into the song even more!

2. Full Moon by Sunmi ft. Lena

This song is perfect for any playlist but really shines for Halloween. It has such a soft sound, but it easily can make you always feel the need to look over your shoulder. Sunmi’s soft voice pairs great with the music and Lena’s rap is a perfect contrast to wake up your ears.

1. Fantasy by Vixx

Finally, we have whom many would call, the Kings of Halloween, Vixx. Fantasy is perfect for Halloween with a key changed Moonlight Sonata starting the song and continuing throughout as the song builds. The vocals really pull you into the Halloween and the rap brings out your inner monster.

These 6 songs are perfect for the creepy night of Halloween as your swinging and stalking on the dancefloor or your living room. Not only do these songs have a spooky sound, the music videos can be a little frightening as well. Remember to have fun and be safe on this beautiful Halloween night.

Here are a few honorable mentions if you need a couple extra tracks to finish off your playlist:

Voodoo Doll by Vixx

Coup D’Etat by G Dragon

Get Down by Boys Republic

Images: VIXX (Jellyfish Entertainment)

Written by Lindsey Conley

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