5 Must-Try Hot Snacks at Korean Convenience Stores

5 Must-Try Hot Snacks at Korean Convenience Stores

7/11 is a whole new world of hot snacks and food in Korea.

by Cari Kamja 

Cari is our Seoul-based snackwriter, reporting on all the delicious news out of Korea!

In America, you might be able to pick up a mediocre slice of pizza or a lukewarm pretzel at your local 7/11, but in Korea the options at convenience stores are wild! If you're still craving an unspectacular donut or questionable hot dog, they'll have it for you, but we suggest you give these uniquely Korean delicacies a try.

Ho-Bbang (호빵, Steamed Bun)

Right now, in a protest against Pokemon Go still not being available in the country, Korea is devouring adorable Pikachu ho-bbang! I'm kidding, maybe. ? Ho-bbang is a steamed dumpling-like bread that is stuffed with goodness like meat and veggies, cheese, sweet potatoes, or red bean paste. They are kept warm in a special steamer in pretty much every convenience store in Korea. They are perfect for cold days when you want a steamy, hot snack!

  Dalk-bal (닭발, Chicken Feet)

뼈없는 국물닭발이 와써유🤩 요즘 닭발에 빠져써용 ㅎㅎ닭발에 빠져버렷🤣 국물닭발인데 저는 쫄여서 만듬😀😀 안에 감자랑 양파 닭발이 많이 들어있어요 주먹밥도 만들고 🍙 진짜장 3봉 끓여서 같이 냠냠 🍛 닭발 자체가 많이 맵기 때문에 반숙란 먼저 먹구 먹었습니다 주먹밥이랑 닭발 국물이랑 비벼서 먹음 엄청 맛있어요😍 매운맛 더 매운맛 두가지 있는데 저는 매운맛 선택 완전 제입맛에는 매웠습니다 ㅜㅜ 눈물 콧물 흥흥🤣 닭발 자체가 엄청 커서 씹는맛도 좋구 맛있게 잘 먹었음 집에서 닭발도 간편하게 만들어 먹는 시대 짱 편리하고 좋아요 👍👍👍 다들 맛있는 저녁 드시고 즐거운 저녁시간보내요💚😍💚 . . #국물닭발 #뼈없는닭발 #닭발 #국물요리 #무뼈닭발 #무뼈국물닭발 #불닭바 #홈메이드 #유니표 #집밥유니선생 #맛스타그램 #먹스타그램 #짜파게티 #진짜장 #반숙란 #헬요일 #주먹밥 #맛잇다그램 #food #foodstagram #instafood #foodinsta #yummy #오닭만족 #닭스타그램 #맛저

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You read that correctly. Chicken feet at your local 7/11. Recently at convenience stores across Korea, this dish, which can be a bit alarming to first-timers, has been added to the instant food section! Heat up the little chicken feet, add as much of the spicy sauce as you please, and dig in. This is definitely something you won't find in your convenience stores back home!  

Rabokki (라볶이, Spicy Rice Cakes with Ramen Noodles)

Rabokki is the greatest food on earth, and you cannot convince me otherwise. Take some rice cakes (떡), toss them in a sweet hot sauce, add in some ramen noodles, and sprinkle on a little cheese? Heaven. Convenience stores in Korea seem to understand how delicious this dish is, so they made a "just add water" version. It comes in a cup similar to cup ramen, and has all the ingredients you need inside. Simply take everything out of the wrapping, toss it all in the cup, add a bit of water, and put it in the microwave that every convenience store in Korea has for your cooking pleasure!

Seriously, look at that. How is your mouth not watering?!  

Odeng (오뎅, Fish Cake)

Especially during the cold winter months, nothing quite hits the spot like some hot fish cake and broth. While this isn’t a staple in every convenience store, if you’re lucky your local shop will have a small section of boiling hot broth filled with fish cake for you to grab and eat right away! If not, most stores will have odeng-tang (오뎅탕) which is a fish cake soup. Just add some hot water and you're good to go!  

Bul-Dalk Bokkeum Myeon (불닭볶음면, Spicy Chicken Fried Noodles)

위에 불지르고 싶을 때 먹으면 좋을 #핵불닭발면 . . . ※ 재료: - 양념: 불닭볶음면 액상 스프 1개, 다진 마늘 1/2큰술, 올리고당 3큰술, 간장 3큰술, 고춧가루 2큰술, 고추장 2큰술, 후추 약간 - 닭발: 삶은 닭발 500g, 소주 2큰술, 파 1줌, 청양고추 1개, 불닭볶음면 사리, 면수 50ml, 참기름, 후레이크 1. 불닭볶음면 액상 스프 1개, 다진마늘 1/2큰술, 올리고당 3큰술, 간장 3큰술, 고춧가루 2큰술, 고추장 2큰술, 후추 약간 넣어 양념장을 만들어 준다. 2. 면을 볶을 양념장 5큰술을 덜어 준다. 3. 삶은 닭발 500g을 양념에 넣은 뒤 조금 있다 먹을 소주 2큰술을 넣고 버무려 준다. 4. 끓는 물에 불닭볶음면 삶는다. 5. 팬에 기름을 두르고 파 1줌을 볶아 준 뒤 닭발을 넣고 볶다가 청양고추 1개를 넣어 볶아준다. 6. 어느 정도 볶아준 닭발에 삶은 면과양념장 5큰술 그리고 면수 50ml와 참기름를 넣어 볶아준다. 7. 마지막으로 후레이크를 뿌려 완성한다. 8. 요리에 쓰고 남은 소주와 함께 먹는다. . . . #cookat #쿠캣 #불닭 #불닭볶음면 #핵불닭 #닭발 #무뼈닭발 #통닭발 #닭발맛집 #야식 #매운음식 #엽떡 #분식 #라면 #편의점

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Be warned, these are some insanely spicy noodles. If Korea describes something with the word "fire" (불닭, or buldalk) is literally translated as "Fire Chicken," you know you need to take it seriously.  It's even on SnackFever's list of Spiciest Ramen noodles! These noodles, unlike ramen, don't have any broth to them, so while you might be able to avoid spicy ramen broth by pouring a little of it out, all the fire and spice is concentrated with these bad boys - there is no escape!

If that wasn’t enough for you, there is also an entire aisle dedicated to cup noodles such as ramen (라면), black bean noodles (짜짱면), and more!  Combine items and make your own masterpiece, the possibilities are endless! 

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