2 Must-Try Korean Fast Food Desserts

2 Must-Try Korean Fast Food Desserts

The fast food chains in Korea are really different from European and American ones. Arguably, the menu for desserts in Asia are superior—with items that are deliciously exclusive. Upon trying these items, you may have some snack withdrawal when they're no longer available around you!

McDonald's Pies

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Two heavenly dessert pies exclusive to McDonald's in Korea are raspberry cream cheese pie and chocolate pie. Just hearing names like these would be extraordinary in an American McDonald's. The berry pie has a chocolate crust with a raspberry cream cheese filling, and the chocolate pie is a rich concoction of a lot of chocolate (crust and filling). Just looking at images of these pies makes me crave them!

The pies are fried, creating a crunchy crust, which is very different from the current pies we see at McDonald's in the U.S.—they stopped frying their pies in 1992. Don't worry, if you would like to have the classic apple pie at a Korean McDonald's, they have it, too! These pies are definitely a MUST if you ever go to Korea!

KFC Tarts

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KFC’s tarts are true deliciousness! It's an item that might be shocking to have in KFC, but trust my word they are crave-worthy. One is a cheese tart, the other is an egg tart, and both have a buttery flaky crusts with soft filling. (Their egg tart has got to be one of my favorites!) Be sure to try this treat when you are in Korea!

What fast food desserts would you want to try in South Korea?
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