Very Berry Strawberry 🍓

Very Berry Strawberry 🍓
Very Berry Strawberry 🍓
Very Berry Strawberry 🍓
Product image 1Very Berry Strawberry 🍓
Product image 2Very Berry Strawberry 🍓
Product image 3Very Berry Strawberry 🍓

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For all the strawberry lovers out there, this box has been curated especially for you, featuring sweet and creamy berry-themed snacks and more! 🍓

What's inside

Rabbit Ear Hat (움직이는 토끼모자) K-pop idols love the moving bunny hat! 🐰

strawberry box_milk panda bread
  • Orion Panda Bread - Strawberry Milk Flavor (우유먹은 판다빵) 
  • For a snack that’s as cute as it is tasty, look no further! Shaped like a cuddly panda, this soft cake has a pocket of strawberry cream for a refreshing flavor you’ll surely enjoy! 🐼
  • Crown Sando Biscuit Strawberry Cream Cheese Flavor (크라운산도 딸기맛)
  • Strawberry cheesecake, get ready for a cookie makeover! Two buttery vanilla biscuits separated by strawberry cream pair deliciously with tea or coffee to create a decadent dessert that you’ll love berry much!

    strawberry_bingbing corn
  • Sweet Monster Bing Bing Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Snack (빙빙 딸기콘 과자) 
  • Get your strawberry ice cream fix without the melt! A crispy cone loaded with sweet and creamy strawberry filling will be your next favorite afternoon snack that you can take on the go. 
    strawberry box_strawberry cream oreo
  • Strawberry Cream Oreos (딸기크림 오레오) 
  • Oreo is never short on fillings for their famous cookies! Chocolate and strawberry cream collide in a punch of flavor that’s both familiar and scrumptiously new. Add these cookies to ice cream for a dessert upgrade that your sweet tooth will love! 💖
    strawberry_disney juicy jelly
    Haitai Disney TsumTsum Juicy Jellies (해태 쥬시젤리 디즈니 썸썸) Disney characters are given a fruity twist for a chewy, chewy, chewy snack that’s sharable and sweet! Flavors include pineapple, strawberry, and grape.
    strawberry box_funny straw
  • Dongwon Strawberry Milk Straw (밀크앤퍼니스트로우) 
  • A regular cup of milk becomes strawberry-infused by the time it touches your tongue! With the help of fruit-flavored beads that dissolve with each sip, this straw makes drinking milk a magical experience. 
    strawberry box_sinjjoli gumi jelly
  • Haitai Sweet and Sour Jelly - Strawberry Flavor (신쫄이 딸기 젤리) 
  • Sweet and sour team up for intense taste! Don’t be fooled by their small size… These soft, strawberry-flavored jellies are sour on the outside with sweet juice on the inside to calm the bite.


  • Orion King Lollipop - Strawberry (톡톡 왕꿈틀이 캔디 딸기)  
  • A fruity lollipop is delightfully satisfying on its own, but this sucker is really two-for-one! Shaped like the king worm from the popular pack of jellies, it comes with a popping candy dip that will burst with fun flavor as you eat.


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