5 Best Korean Coffee and Teas to Keep You Warm This Winter

Best Korea Coffee and Teas to Keep You Warm This Winter | Snackfever

Just as we love to get ice cold drinks during the hottest season of the year, we seek hot and calming drinks for the winter. A cup of Korean coffee and tea offers a therapeutic feeling and keeps you active in the morning despite the chilly weather. Here are the best Korean instant coffee and teas for a late-night study, movie date, or read.

5 Best Korea Coffee and Teas to Keep You Warm This Winter

#1 Maxim Cafe Cappuccino - Hazelnut

Maxim Korean coffee is a well-known brand in the country boasting a sweet taste and the most convenient Korean instant coffee. When you get Maxim cappuccinos, you can see the microfoam rise like what you get from an espresso machine. Maxim instant coffee also comes in different flavors. Get the Hazelnut flavor perfect for the holiday season. 

#2 Instant Tea Latte

For those who can’t decide between Korean coffee or Korean tea for the day, we found the right combination with an Instant Tea Latte. The tea comes with steamed milk without a shot of espresso. If this is a new flavor, the tea latte tastes like your regular cafe lattes.

How will this Korean tea keep you awake? Well, the tea is brewed strongly like your regular coffee! So you get the soothing effects from tea and energy booster with instant Korean coffee.

#3 Earl Grey Grapefruit Tea Cookies

While Korean coffee and Korean tea are both the ultimate drinks for the winter season, getting something to chew. The Earl Grey Grapefruit Tea Cookies enhance your hot drink experience with their soft cookie shell and sweet and tangy flavor. The grapefruit jelly filling offers a new taste from regular coffee and tea snacks.

#4 KANU Sweet Americano Instant Coffee

The Maxim brand has another popular Korean instant coffee! This time one with a lot more punch, perfect for keeping you energized at night or early morning. The Kanu instant coffee (KANU Sweet Americano flavor) mixes well in hot and cold water.

Whether you love hot or cold iced Korean coffee, you can find Kanu coffee Korea convenient to blend. It also comes with infused espresso extract. Maxim Kanu coffee is definitely the energy booster you need on the go!

#5 Limited Edition Kakao Friends Instant Coffee

Looking for those Korean coffee packets with adorable Korean characters? The Kakao Friends instant Korean coffee will brighten everyone's day before opening the packet. 

Maxim and Kakao Friends collaborated to create these adorable sets of Korean instant coffee with a dash of cuteness! Every pull, the Korean coffee packets greet you with each member of the Kakao Friends.

Are you interested in making a good cup of hot Korean coffee or tea along with some Korean snacks? Get BTS coffee and Korean snacks in our Work Bites and Coffee! You can get the Korean snack box from your friends or your office pantry. 

You can top it off with the Office SnackFever Box, packed with more than 80 Korean snacks! 

Enjoy a hot cup of Korean coffee and Korean tea this winter!

Written by Alexa Manery

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