Kimchi Buchimgae: Savior of Leftovers
Fridge getting a little too crowded? Get rid of your K-food leftovers with kimchi buchimgae! by Tby Tomato Kimchi buchimgae (김치부침개) is named quite literally what it is; a kimchi pancake. Just in case you accidentally make/buy too much kimchi, buchimgae...
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Chopped: Korean Convenience Store Edition
Chefs, get ready. Today's secret ingredient: everything in this Korean convenience store! Who can make the most killer combo? by RoyalCha If you've read our previous article about Got7's member Mark's special "Mark Meal," then you already about the creative...
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Patbingsu: a Song of Ice and Red Bean
Or, as I like to call it, POPPINGbingsu; because this dessert is POPPING! by RoyalCha Though it may seem a little too early to be talking about icy desserts, the SnackFever team is located in K-Town, LA, and it’s already...
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