Food Tour with Mingyu of SEVENTEEN 🍗

SEVENTEEN's Mingyu is known for his big appetite! Let's check out some of the foods he's shared with fans on social m...

Going Solo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo: 10 K-Pop Idols Who've Gone Solo

If you’ve been looking to get more info on some of the best solo debuts out of K-pop groups, look no further!

Find Your Groove with One Million Dance Studio

Have you ever heard of One Million Dance Studio?

Where to Eat at Incheon Airport

Just touched down in Korea and need a place to eat? We've got you covered with these delicious selections in Incheon!

K-Pop Playlist For Your Next Flight ✈️

Many K-pop artists have songs about exploring the world, and we’ve compiled some for the perfect soundtrack as you so...

Ramen for the Sensitive Tongue

If you're looking for a Korean ramen but just don’t want the burn, here are a few types for you to try!

Putting the Seoul in Comic-Con

Did you know Seoul has its own Comic-Con? Find out more here!

SEVENTEEN, K-Pop's 'HIT'-Makers

“HIT” proves to stand out from SEVENTEEN’s usual style and flow, and for all the right reasons.

Ready, Action: A Look at Bang Yongguk's 'Orange Drive'

A bittersweet way to say “Goodbye, I’ll see you later,” Bang Yongguk releases his new single “Orange Drive.”

Korean Cookies and Biscuits 🍪

What’s your preferred cookie? Small, chocolate-filled, and crunchy? Or maybe a generously-sized biscuit perfect for d...

Rock & Roll with The Rose: A Helpful Guide

If you're looking for a soulful melody and raw lyrics topped with breathtaking visuals, look no further than The Rose!

Not-So-Typical Korean Festivals

Korea gives learning about their customs a fun twist by putting on some not-so-typical festivals!
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