Robert Park

5 Facts about Jennie from Blackpink you didn't know: "I can do !@#$ without making any sounds"

Any Blinks in the house? BLACKPINK is girl group that debuted on August 8, 2016, under YG Entertainment. The group co...

Robert Park

What do Americans think of Korean Snacks?

As the Korean wave spreads wider and wider every day, Korean snacks have also been at the center of attention in many...

Jo Jang

5 Must-Try Hot Snacks at Korean Convenience Stores

In America, you might be able to pick up a mediocre slice of pizza or a lukewarm pretzel at your local 7/11, but in K...

Jo Jang

Korean Snack Hack: Frozen Milkshakes And Kokal Corn Chips

Sweet and savory is the way to go when it comes to complementing ice cream, and here's a Korean snack hack classic th...

Ash Mandap

TWICE members did WHAT with their paychecks?

By Bobby Park TWICE is one of the most popular K-Pop girl groups to have ever come out of JYP Entertainment. Not only...

Sunwoo Park

How BTS Changed The World For The Better

By Sunwoo Park On a Friday evening, I sat next to my dad who was watching the news. I glanced at the TV waiting for t...

Jo Jang

Korean Coffee Culture ☕- A Modern Evolution

Korea has become the Coffee Prince of the world! ☕ by Fit-n-spicy mochi The evolution of Korean coffee culture is a ...

Jo Jang

Snack Backpack? Snackpack!

It’s a snackpack back attack! by RoyalCha Snack backpacks are definitely not new. Kids in Korea have been getting th...

Jo Jang

Flavor of the Week: Korepab's brother, the Sangeobap!

Arr, matey! Sangeobap be the perfect snack for me crew! by RoyalCha Okay, I’ll save you from having to read me typ...

Jo Jang

10 Restaurants/Cafes Owned by Idols & Their Family Members

What would you do if you saw your bias?  by CarinneJ K-pop fans are always looking for new ways to potentially spot ...

Jo Jang

20 Times You See Food In A YG Music Video

YG artists are talented, fierce, stylish, innovative and…hungry? by CarinneJ I bet you've never thought about how mu...

Jo Jang

I'm So Hungry I Could... Sing About It!

In fact I might just sing about it Twice! by Tby Tomato. Don't listen to this song while you're hungry because it'll...
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