Alexa Manery

Korean Ballads To Soothe You This Winter

From K-dramas OSTs, B-tracks, and individual artists there’s enough of these ballads to form its own subgenre. Here a...

Nicole Simpkin

Top 5 Beaches To Visit In Korea

Summer is long gone now, but Korean beaches are available to visit in all four seasons of the year. Whether you visi...

Jo Jang

Introducing Our New Company Name - Fever Guys

Back in 2015, we started SnackFever in Koreatown, Los Angeles as a challenge to see if we could start a company with ...

Ash Mandap

Favourite Snacks - Interns Edition

The interns at SnackFever have picked their favourite Korean snacks! Read to find out which ones they love the most.


How to Upgrade Your K-Snacks!

No matter how many times I've been told to stop playing with my food, I refuse to listen. But it always ends up comi...

Kyle Voong

Similarities Korean Cuisines Have With Other Cuisines

Korean food is always a good choice, but how does it compare to common dishes of other cultures? Korean cuisine p...

Kaitlin Clifford

What in the Heck is Hangul?

Learning a new language can be hard, but learning the alphabet of that language can be a great start! Korea’s offici...

Samantha Hazard

Korean Comfort Food

With life's ups and downs, coming home to see your favorite comfort food being prepared is enough to make some of th...

Ryann Ellis

K-Pop Artists Who Could Pass Off as Real Life Chefs

K-Pop idols have a lot to juggle in their current careers, but something that they all share is their undying love f...

Kyle Voong

Korean Drinks Available Everywhere to Add to Your Shopping List

Be on the lookout for these sodas and drinks from South Korea! Tired of water and typical sodas? Well, good news!...

Ryann Ellis

K-Pop Music Videos That are Good Enough to Eat

Every so often a K-Pop group will make a comeback or debut that makes viewers head straight for their kitchens as so...

Britt Franklin

Pepero Transformations that Change the Way We Snack

On 11/11, lovers exchanged boxes of these tasty snacks as a symbol of romance, and if you’ve been following along wi...
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