YouTube Channel ‘ODG’ is a Must Watch!

YouTube Channel ‘ODG’ is a Must Watch!

“You were a kid once.” 

This is the slogan for ODG, a company that emphasizes enlightening individuals and respecting the past by creating entertaining video content and colorful apparel through the natural appearance of children and adults.

ODG, operated in Seoul, started a YouTube channel in December 2018, and within a year has reached a million subscribers and counting!  While the company creates videos, it also has its own clothing line! ODG has simple, casual, and colorful clothing and accessories for children and adults. Their YouTube videos and clothing line all focus on the message of being comfortable, playful, and enlightening oneself from childhood and throughout adulthood.

Do you ever think back on your childhood or about how you wish you were a kid again? ODG creates video content that lets kids speak on subjects that make adults think, makes kids think about themselves, and show kids reacting to or conversing with adults. These videos not only make us think, but also enhance our ability to think about what we might have said when we were kids. ODG wants their viewers to respect their past instead of saying, “I’ve been there”. 

Their channel is a must-watch because their content gives both a pure and innocent and mature and adult perspective on subjects. Sometimes, kids and adults just need to remind each other of things about life. ODG content is colorful, entertaining, funny, playful, inspiring, and educational.

Since ODG has a target audience of all ages from anywhere around the globe, they focus on content that brings people together. Their most-watched video (39 million views) was of children Hyun-ho Shin and Carson meeting each other for the first time. Hyuno-ho is from Korea and Carson is from the U.S. Not only is their chemistry great on camera, but it is amazing to see the series they have done together that encourages kids to be kids, enlightening each other about each other’s cultures, and having fun in the process! How amazing is it that there is content out there that literally brings people from all over the world together to get to know each other?

For true ODG content that will make you think, respect your past, and enlighten your present self, check out the video below. Not only is it heartfelt, but it really presents the true essence of ODG: helping adults learn how to respect their past, showing kids how to use their own voice to help others, and how inspiring and educating others is an amazing thing to do in this world.

Written by Jenna Tokioka

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