Yerin Baek: The Hidden Gem

Yerin Baek: The Hidden Gem

An ex-JYP artist, once dubbed as JYP’s hidden gem, Yerin Baek is a twenty-two-year-old solo singer. She is currently under her own independent record label called Blue Vinyl. 

Yerin Baek is not your typical girl. At an early age, she auditioned for JYP Entertainment and started her long training period. In 2012, She debuted in a duo group called 15& with fellow member, Park Jimin. The group went on to release many catchy songs and occasionally participated in TV shows, but were also hit by a long hiatus. After both of their contracts with JYP ended in 2019, 15& also gradually disbanded. 

In 2015, Yerin Baek made her first solo debut with an album called Frank. From then on, she continues to release songs one by one, slowly building her fandom. As much as there are gaps between her released albums, her songs are high quality and give off eloquent, soothing vibes. The mood, emotions, and vocal techniques that go into her album are just astonishing; not to mention that she composes and writes the lyrics to most of her songs. 

As the gifted musician that she is, Baek stays humble and true to her own personality. Although she keeps a low profile and shies away from the spotlight, her songs continue to top the chart. 

Moreover, Baek truly embodies the musical aesthetics in her music videos. The powerful yet soft aura she emits is nevertheless what makes her stand out amongst fellow female solo artists. 

Artist Signature 

One might have noticed the many body art she has, which is mostly flowers. Many of her album photos, attires, etc. are somewhat botanical and flowers are always present. Indeed, she reflects similarities to flowers in that she blossoms the biggest when she is in her own environment/ place, performing on stage.

Fan Service

She’s sweet, but she’s extra sweet when it comes to her fans. Although she doesn’t show it directly, her love and affection for her fans are undoubtedly shown through her effort to communicate with them.

The Volunteers

Yerin Baek is the alpha of her band, The Volunteers. At concerts and other events, you can expect to see the flawless chemistry between her and the band.

Famous Fancam

Like K-pop idols and their famous fancams, Yerin Baek also has hers, too! This video was taken in 2017 at an event in Hangang park where she sang “Square,” an unreleased song prior to 2019. The ways in which the weather, her attire, the atmosphere, and the song infused together, wonderfully made it seem like a movie scene.


These are some songs that highlight her vocals as well as her music style. 

  • "Maybe It’s Not Our Fault" (2019)

From Baek’s album, Our Love Is Great, this song resonates spring, flowery vibes. It talks about how lovers should stay strong during hard times and how overcoming these obstacles will make their relationship stronger.

  • "Our love is great" (2019)

This song is heavily groovy, characterized by reggae style. At the end of the song, you can hear Baek addressing those that make her “appreciation [grow] bigger everyday.”

  • "0310" (2019)

Guided by acoustic guitar, this song resonates hollow, bittersweet feelings. Baek really brings out the emotions after the last chorus, which is accompanied by the acoustic guitar instrumental. 

Yerin Baek is truly an artist who has the special ability to comfort those with her genuine lyrics, rhythmical voice, and sentimental emotions. She continues to leave her footprints in the K-R&B industry as an independent, female solo singer. You can also follow her Instagram: @yerin_the_genuine

What do you guys think? Would you give it a listen?

Cover Image: Yerin Baek (Blue Vinyl)
Written by Jessica Lee

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