Yakult: Not Just a Drink!

Yakult: Not Just a Drink!

Located in Seoul, Yakult is one of the largest food companies within South Korea. The yogurt drinks can be found overseas in specialty grocery stores, and if you have ever eaten at a Korean barbecue restaurant, they will typically give you one at the end to help with digestion.

As a probiotic yogurt drink that is great for your digestive system, Yakult was first created in Japan in the 1930s and soon found itself in a partnership with South Korea in 1969. It was only being manufactured in Japan and Korea until 1987, when they started selling their products overseas under the name Paldo.

Over the years, Yakult has branched off from just its famous drink to other treats with the same yogurt taste, like chips!

Not a huge fan of chips, but like a crunch? Then yogurt-covered almonds can satisfy that craving!

If you prefer soft and easy-to-eat snacks, then yogurt jelly straws are the right thing for you!

On hot summer days, you can cool off with a frozen yogurt drink
— delicious Yakult in a frozen slush form!

Or there’s a Yakult gelato you can enjoy as the best of both worlds!

For all the adults out there that want a new drink to try on nights out, Yakult soju is a thing!

Yakult is very popular in Japan and Korea, especially with different drinks. There are even different Yakult sodas and bubble teas that you can find while visiting. This yogurt drink is good for you and tastes good, too! Keep your eyes open next time you’re out, and you may be able to find one of these Yakult snacks to try for yourself!

Written by Ashton Carson

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