World's Most Instagrammable Cafe?

World's Most Instagrammable Cafe?

What if I told you there was a place that could meet your every Instagram aesthetic dream? I’m talking about a place with such detail and uniqueness, some would even say it’s out of this world.

No, I’m not talking about a BTS concert, I’m talking about Seoul’s very own cartoon cafes named YND239-20 and YND223-14! Both are named after their street address located in Yeonnam-dong. The cafes have a one of a kind feel that transport guests into a cartoon world while they get their caffeine fix. Pretty neat, eh?

Let’s dive deeper into these oh-so perfectly curated cafes! The smashing success of the first cafe, YND239-20, led to the recent opening of a second location--YND223-24. The new location boasts more crowd-friendly space than the original location as it not only has a larger dining room, it also has a gorgeous cartoon rooftop! 

It's not just nice to look at, the drinks look delicious too! Let’s also talk about what makes its cartoon styling so appealing and realistic: Contour. I think its true allure lies in the simplicity and minimalistic artistry of the detailed contour.

Not in Seoul, but dying to visit? I have good news for you! According to CNN Travel, the marketing manager, JS Lee, has mentioned talks amongst the owners to turn it into a franchise and perhaps take it to areas outside of Korea. How sweet would that be? The world united by its shared love of Instagram worthy cafes!

Just a heads up, there are only two tables inside the original location so be aware that depending upon when you visit, you might have to wait a bit before you can get the 'gram!

You can find out more information about YND239-20 by visiting them on their Instagram and Facebook!

Written by Amanda G.

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