What's in Your K-Pop Concert Bag? 🤩

What's in Your K-Pop Concert Bag? 🤩

As many people around the world are able to enjoy their time off from school or work, there are many activities to choose from to keep ourselves busy. For those who have the money and energy, concerts are great to attend! Many K-pop groups are starting to or already in the process of travelling to meet their fans all around the world to share their music, including GOT7, TWICE, MONSTA X, and Pentagon.

Many tend to overthink what to bring to these events, keeping in mind the dreaded long lines for merchandise, picking up concert tickets, and other small things to do. It’s very important to pack small and necessary items as overpacking will be a hassle, leading to not fully enjoying the evening. It is also very important to be cautious about policies for each venue. Be well aware of items that are allowed and prohibited, no one wants their items taken and being lost!

Here's a short guide to what’s ideal to take to a concert:


Many venues are very strict on their bag policies, so checking your venue's policy and choosing a bag that fits the size description is highly important! Always be aware of items that are allowed and prohibited into these venues!

  • Clear Totes

These are a go-to for many, and many venues also tend to allow these bags specifically. It may be a bit uncomfortable to have everyone able to see what you're carrying, but you can always throw a light jacket over your bag if you need to!

  • Mini Backpacks

These cute bags are great to finish your look, and easy to carry. Many decorate their backpacks by adding enamel pins, too!

  • Fanny Packs

For those who don’t want to carry things around, this is an ideal bag to have! Just wrap it around your waist and you're good to go! Make sure to check the venues policies, fanny packs are not always allowed at some shows.

  • Light Stick Case

Some K-pop groups have official light stick pouches or cases that can be used to protect their items. Many fans also make their own pouches, being creative and protective of both their light stick and idol.


  •  Wallet

Whether you decide to carry cash or card, it's very important to carry currency and IDs in case of emergencies!

  • Power Bank

Although some tickets may include a packaged deal with benefits allowing you early access to merchandise, making things a bit quicker, lines for merchandise can sometimes last hours! Whether you decide to spend your time on your phone or conversing with those around you, having a power bank is recommended, especially for those who will be recording their favourite songs or small fancams during the show. 

  • Light Stick 

Having a light stick to attend a K-pop concert isn’t a must-have, but for many, having their group’s light stick makes this experience even greater! Being one of the many in the crowd cheering for your artist as part of the famous light stick ocean is a very special moment. If you’re wanting to purchase one, light sticks are usually sold along with the artist’s official merchandise!

  •   Emergency Items 
    • Lotion or Sunscreen - Great items to carry if you like to get to places early to be able to roam around and get things done quickly, especially for those who wait in line for merchandise. This could take all day, so it’s very important to protect your skin from the sun!
    • Hygiene Products - Carrying hand sanitizer, feminine products, oil blotting sheets, etc. whether they are for yourself or simply because you’re big on emergency situations, these are great to have with you!
    • Glasses Cleaners -  A need for those who need to wear prescribed lenses. Not only does it make those feel better, but it also helps to see your idols better! Sweat and oil from the face can sometimes get on lenses making it harder to see.
  • Freebies

There are usually many fellow fans giving out freebies, and whether you hand them out or collect, these are great handmade extras! Many freebies range from photo cards, bracelets, banners, goody bags, snacks, buttons, pins and so on! So, remember to be aware of those who will be giving these items out!


Small snacks are a simple must as being out early can become tiring, and being hungry can just make it worse. It’s also important to have something in your system, in order to not get worn out throughout the day. Carrying gum, granola bars or small water that can then be thrown away before entering the venue is recommended! Remember to stay hydrated, a long night lies ahead. 

Getting your bag ready takes creativity! The items you'll be bringing, the bag style, and the way you style it can be a challenge and overwhelming; so remember to pack cutely but wisely!  What are you carrying in your bag? 

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Written by Andrea Villarreal

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