What Snacks Do Koreans Eat With Their Beer?

What Snacks Do Koreans Eat With Their Beer?

To Koreans, a night out isn't complete without their favorite foods to snack on.

by taylor "teapi" tran

Koreans love to drink. But they love having something to snack on just as much as they love having something to sip (or gulp down) on during a fun night out. Food enhances the fun and allows for more drinking, so it's no mystery why anju, or food that accompanies alcohol, is such a staple in Korean culture. It's safe to say that consuming anju is the Korean language equivalent to munchies, or in this case, drunchies. I've found some tasty-looking anju across the web and thought I'd compile it for everyone's benefit. Bookmark this page to refer to when you're craving anju with your maekju (beer) or soju! Easy-to-eat finger foods are very common. Fried and salty foods are often good at satisfying the taste buds. Fried chicken is a popular choice in bars and restaurants. Koreans have customized their fried chicken to be uniquely tasty, spicing it up with garlic and other flavors. YES. This beautiful combination is known as chimaek (CHIcken + MAEKju). crispy-fried-chicken

Another favorite finger food is chicken feet. Chewy and savory, this dish is especially delectable when you're enjoying it with friends. dakbal-chicken-feet Samgyeopsal is one beloved pick: fatty grilled pork that goes perfect alongside shots of soju. samgyeopsal01

Bulgogi is another beloved pick. Korean BBQ is so popular in America now, and that's because good food has no boundaries. Heh. bulgogi

A quick version of Bulgogi is a bag of Chicken Macho in Spicy Bulgogi flavor. It's seriously SOOO GOOD. chicken macho

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Next, Bindaetteok is a Korean pancake made from mung beans. Inside there are green onions, kimchi, and other vegetables. Easy to eat and fulfilling! My mouth is watering. bindaetteok

Lastly, fruit is also a popular option to go with drinks. It adds a refreshing and sweet touch to the night. fruit-salad

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