What is this Purple Rice?

What is this Purple Rice?

It's time to add a dash of purple to your meal!

by CarinneJ

If you've ever been to a Korean restaurant, watched a Korean drama, or know even just a little bit about Korean food, you would know that rice is a side dish that is commonly served with a meal. However, sometimes you come across rice with a purple-ish tint to it. Just what is this purple anomaly?

Normally referred to as jabgokbap (잡곡밥), it's actually black rice (흑미밥/heukmibap) mixed with white rice. The black rice is what gives the white rice its purple color. If you look closely it’s actually not black at all, just a deep purple until it is cooked.

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Black rice’s purple color comes from anthocyanin, which is an antioxidant. This is a great healthy alternative to white rice, and it contains a lot of fiber.

Studies have labeled purple rice a “superfood” because it contains more antioxidants than a spoonful of blueberries. More antioxidants mean a stronger immune system and less wrinkles as we age. No more spending copious amounts of money on anti-aging creams anymore ladies and gentlemen!

If there is a local Asian market where you live there is a good chance they'll sell this colorful version of rice, as it is eaten within many Asian cultures. Try incorporating jabgokbap into your next meal, and let the anti-aging begin! 

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