Unconventional Ways to Rustle Up Your Ramen

Unconventional Ways to Rustle Up Your Ramen

Sometimes being hungry in the middle of the day can be a real downer, and trying to find something delicious to eat can be even harder when you’re short on cash and only have convenience stores available. Now, imagine this, you crave ramen and buy yourself a delicious packet only to find out there’s no hot water available. What do you do now? Eat it raw of course! You read that correctly! In several parts of the world, dry ramen is all the rage, and in Korea, many packets come pre-seasoned for your quick enjoyment.

Though Korea has tasty, ready-made dry ramen snacks, there’s always room for a splash of creativity when you do have time to cook.
You can even try making your own ramen with the help of Serious Eats by following their homemade ramen noodle recipe! These tips below can enhance your ramen and take your taste buds to a whole new level.

  • Ramen Snack Trail Mix

This is an easy DIY snack that can be thrown together instantly. Just break up a pack of ramen, add other favorite snacks such as popcorn, crackers, chips, and nuts, then shake it up with the seasoning. For the sweet tooth, toss in some bits of chocolate after everything else has been mixed.

  • Ramen Burger

Ramen can become a whole new meal in itself. Slammed between two noodly buns, the ramen burger is the latest trend in new and exciting foods across the Americas. The idea of having two amazing foods meshed into one is mind-blowing! (Or should I say taste-bud-blowing?) What makes this particular food fun is that there’s literally no limit. Sure, you can put a patty with cheese, but what I like to do is add a fried egg with a runny yoke to the mix. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Ramen Pizza

Feeling even more adventurous? I know that occasionally I crave multiple snacks and pizza is always on the list of those foods. Did you know that you can make a ramen-crusted pizza? Well, it’s absolutely true. Ramen is a very sturdy noodle thanks to its thickness. Because of the drying process that happens in the oven, it hardens to make a perfect crust. Topped with sauce, cheese, and pepperoni, you’ve got yourself a pizza!

Now that you’ve got a few ideas, are you willing to try this interesting snack? Happy eating!

Written by Ryann Ellis

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