TXT Sets the 'Magic Hour' in Japanese Debut

TXT Sets the 'Magic Hour' in Japanese Debut

TXT kicks off the new year with new music! Just a little under two months shy of their first anniversary, TOMORROW X TOGETHER debuts in Japan with their mini album, Magic Hour. The album features the Japanese versions of their hit songs: “CROWN,” “9 and Three Quarters (Runaway),” and “New Rules.” 

Even before the release of the album, BigHit opened pop-up stores in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka for fans to enjoy. The shops, themed after The Dream Chapter: MAGIC, feature merch alongside wall displays of TXT photos and streaming music videos.

The anticipation for their debut only grew more when BigHit Labels dropped the short version of the music video on YouTube. 

The teaser showcases the boys dancing with lively backdrops. It was a different feeling than the original version.

At the time of its release, the album was #1 on Melon’s Real Time Search. MOAs also trended worldwide with the hashtag #TXT_JAPAN_HOT_DEBUT on Twitter.  It really was a magic hour! 

Now, what song was chosen as their lead single and also had a brand new music video? It was none other than their song, “9 and Three Quarters.” 

The music video’s plot follows five friends in an arcade who get transported to another dimension. There, they jump onto a roller coaster cart and go to different games. The description might sound strange but this video is breathtaking and creates a retro feeling. The sets and effects are colorful and eye-catching. There are also funny gags thrown in there with Huening Kai spreading butter on a picture of toast on his screen and also a roomba throwing up emojis! The video even features the same sketch effect that was in TXT’s “CROWN,” which is a nice little reference that connects both debut songs.

Have you listened to Magic Hour? What is your favorite track? Tell us below! 

Cover Image: TOMORROW X TOGETHER (BigHit Entertainment)
Written by Stephanie Lemus

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