Turtle Chips: Layers of Flavour

Turtle Chips: Layers of Flavour

Move over Honey Butter Chips, there’s a new chip in town. Say “hello” to Orion’s Turtle Chips.

Okay, maybe that isn’t comparing apples to apples but-- Turtle Chips hold magical golden deliciousness that can compete with the infamous Honey Butter Chip. In fact, they were one of the top bought snacks in Korea in 2017. They have become quite the hot commodity lately though they are still easily attainable compared to previous chip crazes.

What are Turtle Chips exactly?

Simply put, they are small chips with puffy texture, similar to a bugle. While it is shaped like a turtle shell, it includes four layers that pack extra crunch and texture. Also, their packaging is easily recognizable. Each bag has eclectic graphic design which is reminiscent of a comic strip in a newspaper but also has pictured prominently a cute turtle with a top hat-- how adorable!

Currently, Turtle Chips has a few different flavours to choose from depending on your taste and preference. This includes the most popular, the original “Sweet Corn Soup” flavour which tastes very similar to creamy corn soup (as the name suggests) or buttered corn-on-the-cob, but it’s even sweeter than you would imagine.

For a more classic and saltier option, there is a flavour! Turtle Chips has a shrimp flavour for seafood lovers and fans of the popular shrimp cracker snack.

Now, if you like a sweet chip or are a fan of churros, you might like the “Sweet Cinnamonflavour which advertises its flavour with an image of a cinnamon roll on the bag. This one might remind some snackers from America of the Taco Bell dessert, Cinnamon Twists with its taste and texture.  

Similar to Honey Butter Chips, we have two chip flavours here that are sweeter than the average chip. The flavours are more balanced with sweet and salty. Due to its puffy and airy texture, it may feel light at first and you will find yourself popping them in your mouth like candy!

Be warned that Turtle Chips may become addicting.

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What sets Turtle Chips especially apart from other chips is the four layers. It not only helps to give extra chip, crunch, and texture to the snack but it allows more seasoning to become packed into it so that you get an equally flavourful bite each time! The official catchphrase for Turtle Chips is “I’ll give you one, so you give me four.”

If you don’t take it from me, take it from Turtle Chips’ very own celebrity endorser, PSY himself.

You will want to get your hands on this snack ASAP because they are SOUPer delicious.

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