Trend Alert: Fashion Meets Function with Korea’s Totes

Trend Alert: Fashion Meets Function with Korea’s Totes

Korean fashion is huge and definitely popular, plastered across social media and seen in person walking around the streets. The current news on the ban of plastic bags in different states in America points to a very essential Korean fashion accessory — tote bags. 

Totes refer to a broad spectrum of bags that serve purpose and aesthetic at the same time; however, the type specifically prevalent throughout Korean trends all follow the look associated with canvas totes. The bags have a classic, simple rectangular build; and yet, something so basic is a booming trend that has not died down. 

As both Red Velvet’s Seulgi and BTS’ RM rock their tote bag, you can, too! 

Tote bags are not only versatile, but there are also many designs and fabrics to choose from. The classic canvas tote can be plain or have a cute graphic or saying. Whether it be canvas, corduroy or cotton, this accessory comes in many different colors. Similar to other fashion items, the bags range in price: some are very affordable and others are high end. If the graphic is more well-known and of a branded character, be aware that the price will generally be higher. You can get more affordable options on Korean fashion websites!

Versatile and fashionable, tote bags can be used for groceries, school, work, hangouts, and more; holding all your necessary items while still giving you a cute ‘fit’. This essential accessory is so “daebak” that it has even been featured in our Daebak Box! Be sure to stay updated on potential items by following @daebakbox on Instagram, and get a box of your own that holds other equally awesome items! Would you hop aboard this trend and get your own everyday tote bag? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Catherine Tai

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