Tornado Potato: Korean Street Food Masterpiece

By snackfever

When we think of Korean street food, we sometimes tend to think of various dishes and ingredients that are very different from what we are normally used to. Street food offers many different and unique dishes, like the ones in the article "Must-Try Korean Street Food"; they each bring delicious flavor and add to the uniqueness of Korean street food! There’s one option, though, that I think anyone can easily get used to and that’s the Tornado Potato!

The Tornado Potato’s most important ingredient, the always faithful potato, proves to easily transcend all borders and language barriers with this recipe! A potato is taken and cut into a spiral that is then stretched out onto a skewer. It is then deep fried and sprinkled with cheese, chili, or onion powder as seen in the video below.

Are you drooling yet?! It gained worldwide popularity around 2007 when a photo of it from Seoul circulated on the internet. It has been inspiring every fried foodie’s dream since then and has shown no signs of stopping. Just one search of the hashtag on Instagram will show you many different variations of it from carnivals, restaurants, etc. all around the world.

Oh! I forgot to mention another bonus--it can also come with a sausage in the middle. Watch the video below to see some of the action!

No matter which option you choose, I think most would agree when I say you can’t go wrong with a deep-fried potato. So don’t be afraid to add some chili and cheese or maybe even create your own one of a kind creation with it! The Tornado Potato is a foolproof option that will always satisfy!

Written by Amanda G.

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