Tiny Stomachs, Big Appetites

Tiny Stomachs, Big Appetites

Started on Chuseok in 2013, the famous Korean variety show The Return of Superman has been charming its audience with the adorable father-child interactions. Each episode, the dad and his kid(s) are given "missions" that they have to follow, and more often than not, we see the family sharing meals either in the comfort of their own home or at a new and interesting place. It’s funny to watch the children grow in front of the viewers as well as the parents’ eyes because there is never a dull moment in their colorful little worlds. What kind of foods excite the tiny ones with a sometimes surprisingly big appetite? Let’s have a look!

  •  The Song Triplets and Sarang

The triplets are an adorable combination on their own but with Sarang’s charm, the team is set to give you an overload of cuteness. After a long day swimming with dolphins, the two dads have brought the children to a meal bigger than themselves. Literally! The hairtail fish is a delicacy found on Jeju-do, famous for its long, thin and silvery body. This type of fish is really hard to keep fresh so what better place to enjoy this "monster" than on an island with always-fresh seafood? It’s funny that Il-gook compares the size of the fish with his sons’ height, but they attack their father back by comparing it to his height as well!

  • Sarang, Seoeon and Seojun with the Song Triplets and Jion

What's more heartwarming than the scene of seven pretty little angels sat at one table with their super awesome dads? The families have gathered over a meal on Jeju-do and the kids are laughing and fooling around from the very beginning, especially Seoeon and Manse, who need little to be entertained. The menu of the day is savory sea urchin roe soup, which may sound exotic, but in fact, urchins inhabit almost every ocean in the world.

The difference is that the sea urchins of Jeju-do are famous for their clean and sweet taste as the ocean around the island is rather unpolluted. There are seven children but only four dads, who struggle to serve the little people’s needs and have a taste of this salty and fresh soup themselves. It must be very hard to resist as the rising steam spreads the tempting smell of this gem…

  •  Seoeon and Seojun 

The curious twins always want to learn everything about the world around them and their favorite question, “What is this?” applies even when it comes to experimenting with and tasting new food. Although the water radish kimchi soup can be a little bit spicy for a child’s tongue, both kids love it from the first try. The sparkles in their eyes grow bigger as the main dish — spicy grilled chicken — comes to the table.

Seojun turns out to not be a fan of spicy chicken, but Seoeon on the other hand, loves it even way too much for a kid his age. The way he indulges it with passion can definitely make the viewers jealous of his big appetite. The fondue amazes both twins and they hurry to make a spot for it in their tiny stomachs while acting cute to their father in order to receive a bite, even though he loves to tease them.

  • The Two Sets of Lee Twins and Little Daebak

Donggook is the type of caring father who wakes up early and makes you breakfast that will remind you of your childhood for the rest of his life. He himself admits that this type of pizza-omelet reminds him of his own father cooking it for him, and it really seems to be a special type of pizza. The siblings are glad to wake up to a breakfast cooked with love and they definitely get excited for their first picnic with their dad. As the oldest sister, Jaesi helps her father with preparing the snacks for them to take. Fried tofu rice is a quick scrambled snack that replaces the traditional egg omelet and it may even be better as it’s the perfect meaty mixture of vinegar-ed rice and sweet, juicy tofu. What a perfect start of the day for the Lee Family!

The Return of Superman is such a bonding family program that it’s highly unlikely the smile will leave your face as you watch the adorable kids head out on new adventures every day. To have so much energy, one must eat lots of good food! All of the kids prove that despite their tiny size, their stomachs are big enough to store all the food and recharge as soon as possible so that they never get tired to explore the big world around them!

Do you watch the reality show, The Return of Superman? Who is your favorite family? Leave a comment below and 'til next time, keep snacking on our articles!

Cover Image: The Return of Superman (KBS)
Written by Monica Boyadzhieva

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