The Secret to Idols' Perfect Slim Bodies: Flying Yoga

The Secret to Idols' Perfect Slim Bodies: Flying Yoga

Why settle for the ground, when you could be doing yoga in the air?

by Tby Tomato

Flying yoga (플라잉 요가), also known as anti-gravity yoga, is pretty well known in Korea these days. It is a combination of traditional yoga and Pilates, and to practice it, it's required to have a hammock that can support a weight of 300 kg (approximately 660 lbs!!!) hanging from the ceiling. Model Irene Kim is known for being one of the first K-Celebs to practice flying yoga!

Refreshing the mind & body💥 #flyingyoga

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아이린종이접기 🙌🏻 📸 @yk_lucia

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BLACKPINK is popular among idol groups for their desirable figures, and two of the members, Jennie and Jisoo stay in shape with flying yoga.


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TWICE's Sana, Tzuyu, and Chaeyoung gave us all a laugh with their enthusiastic attempt at it. Watch the hilarious footage below!

2AM's ex-member  Jung Jinwoon and actress Go Junhee tried it out during their time on We Got Married (together they were known as the Extreme Couple, so this extreme yoga was perfect for them).

In Roommate season 2, After School's Nana, Girl's Generation's Sunny, and G.O.D's leader Joon Park went to a flying yoga studio together. They all had great fun, but it didn't look like Joon enjoyed it nearly as much as his two female roommates.

Want to start that new exercise routine, or just looking for something new to jazz up the same old running circuit? Feel motivated enough to start working out for that #summerbodygoal yet? Why not give flying yoga a try? You might find that it'll raise you to new heights ;) 

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