The Royal Flush at Ddo-Ong Cafe

The Royal Flush at Ddo-Ong Cafe

South Korea has a fair share of  unique, cute, and Instagramable cafes. Dogs, cats, animated characters, and even a particular color like pink or purple have become the main theme of these cafes. That is why we were not surprised to find out a cafe dedicated to poop! And just like everything else in Korea, Ddo-Ong Cafe is stinking  cute. 

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Good morning from the poop café 💩 🚽 ☕️

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Drinking coffee out of a toilet mug might be unappealing to some, but when it is this cute, how can you say no? This latte in a toilet bowl it is one of the cafe’s most popular items on the menu.  

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Steaming pile of . . . chocolate. #poopcafe #seoul

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Another signature menu item is the sweet bread shaped like poop. Not only it looks ridiculously adorable but soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside combo will have you ordering more. 

You cannot leave Ddo-Ong Cafe without trying its waffles. Not only are they delicious but they’re also an Instagramable masterpiece. We can only wonder what the creative process behind this was like. 

If you’re in the mood for something savory, the Ddo-Ong cafe also serves curries and pastas in toilet-shaped plates. 

As if the poop-shaped food wasn’t enough, the decor also pays homage to its unique theme. Flower bases, wall decals, and poop emoji plushies are all around the cafe to make your visit an unforgettable moment. 

Although there are other toilet-themed cafes throughout Asia, no one does it like Ddo-Ong Cafe when it comes to unique and quirky making it a number one, or number two, destination for your next cafe adventure.

Ddo-Ong Cafe is located in the Insadong neighborhood. The nearest subway station is Anguk (Exit 6) 67 Gwanhun-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Let us know in the comments if you’re stopping by while in Seoul!

Written by Dianelys Fuentes

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