The Different Kinds of Kimchi

By Anjellica Salinas

Many of you probably already know about kimchi, maybe have seen it or have eaten it. If you've only heard of this wondrous dish or maybe want a more in-depth guide to kimchi, check out "Korea's National Dish: Kimchi."

Now, you might be thinking; "What do you mean kinds of Kimchi, there is only one!" This where you will be pleasantly surprised.

First off, let's talk about the common kimchi you've most likely seen in restaurants and on television known as whole cabbage kimchi. It is paired up as a side dish with almost everything for all meals of the day. It can also be used in many delicious main dishes.

Personally, when I go out to get some Korean BBQ, I love this specific type of kimchi grilled; it brings out some more of the hidden taste. There are also different variations to this side dish like adding apples, salted fermented shrimp, and even meat! Depending on the region in South Korea, this kimchi is made differently. For example, Hamyeong-do is close to the sea so they add in fresh fish or oyster as an ingredient. Gangwon-do stores the kimchi for a more extended period. You can even add any ingredient you want and make it more you.

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맛있고 신선한 갓 담은 김치 20년 전통 김치 패키지 . 안심 먹거리, 우체국쇼핑에서는 아무리 소소한 재료라도 100% 국내산으로 만들어진 한울 김치세트 4kg을 스타 상품으로 판매 중이랍니다. . 깨끗한 물로 5회 세척하여 한울만의 저온 절임 방식으로 아삭한 맛이 일품인 배추 포기김치 3kg과 깍두기 1kg의 부담 없는 깔끔한 구성 . 지금, 우체국쇼핑에서 "한울 김치"를 검색하세요! . . . #우체국 #우체국쇼핑 #안심쇼핑 #우체국택배 #안심쇼핑 #안심먹거리 #안심배송 #신선배송 #김장김치 #김치 #김치세트 #꼬마김치 #깍두기 #배추김치 #국산김치 #한국인의밥상 #김장끝 #맛스타그램 #먹스타그램 #아침 #점심 #저녁 #밥 #밥상 #밥반찬 #반찬 #김치스타그램 #반찬스타그램 #라면친구 #일상 #밥스타그램

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The next one is radish kimchi, which is also a common dish. There are two kinds of radish kimchi, the red seasoned (very similar to the whole cabbage kimchi) and then there is the white pickled kimchi. The red kimchi is what I find to be perfect for a hot day, its crunchy spice is refreshing however it is usually in season or known to be eaten in late autumn (when Korean traditional radish is harvested). On the other hand, the white kimchi which is much sweeter and sour is used as a cold side or even eaten as a soup.

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#Recipe #RadishKimchi #KKakdugi Sharing one of the easiest #kimchi recipes that even a first timer can try confidently. All the ingredients are easily found in most Asian supermarkets. . .작년부터 #깍두기 레시피를 부탁하신 분들이 많아  아주 간단한 깍두기 레시피를 영어로 올립니다~ . #KKakdugi (Cubed Radish Kimchi) 2 ¾ - 3lb  Korean or daikon radish 1Tbsp sea salt 1Tbsp sugar 1Tbsp sweet rice flour + 6 T water(optional) 6 garlic cloves, minced 1 inch ginger, peeled and minced 1/3 cup gochugaru (Korean red chili powder) 1 1/2 Tbsp  fish sauce 1 1/2Tbsp salted shrimp (saewo jeot, if not available, substitite with fish sauce) 4 green onions, cut into 1 ½-inch lengths Clean and rinse the radish and then cut into ½ - ¾-inch cubes and place the cubes in a large bowl. Sprinkle the salt and sugar. Mix well until the radish is evenly coated. Leave to marinate/brine for 1 hour. Drain the cubes well, but do not rinse. Meanwhile, in a small saucepan, stir together 6T water and 1T rice flour. Cook over medium heat, stirring often, until it thickens, about 3-5 mins. Transfer the flour mixture to a bowl and let cool to room temperature. In a large bowl add the garlic, ginger, gochugaru, fish sauce, salted shrimp and the cooled rice paste together. Mix everything together well. Add the radish cubes, and thoroughly combine. Finally add the green onions and gently combine. Pack tightly into a glass jar, making sure to press down evenly to any pockets of air between the radish pieces. Store: Cover and store at room temperature for 24 hours, before transferring to the fridge to ferment another 1-3days before eating. It will store well in the fridge for 1-2 months . . .#fermentation#koreanfood#asianfood#homecook#thekitchen#homecooking#thefeedfeed#nomnom#forkyeah#homemade#온더테이블#집밥#푸드스타그램#요리스타그램 #인스타푸드#한식#홈쿡#홈메이드#쿡스타그램#먹스타그램#김치 . #mistyyoonRecipe

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Now I have to take a few steps back and introduce white kimchi. The reason I gave this kimchi a solo piece is because it is also quite popular with children and the elderly. Red kimchi can be way too spicy and strong for such sensitive palates, instead, this is used to introduce the taste of kimchi to children. It is saltier and has a stronger vinegar taste than the spicy kimchi. People love to make broths with this specific dish or add it to their soups.

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keepin’ it cool today with our white kimchi

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Cucumber kimchi, ah, the beautiful spring and summer reminder. It is perfect for the heat but can be eaten in any season. It ferments much more quickly than the other kimchi dishes. This kimchi pairs up reasonably well with rice dishes but not much of a great combo to put in soups or hot broths.

A simple kimchi that has a hot and spicy taste is green onion kimchi. This kimchi is simple to eat and many people prefer to add a fishy taste to it by adding fish sauce or fermented shrimp with it (like the over many variations). A delicious recipe is adding this kimchi into a Korean pancake batter; earning a perfect salty, spicy, soft and subtly crunchy combination.

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남편이 전라도식 파김치 먹고 싶대서 오늘 처음 액젓대신 젓국을 넣어봤어요. 젓국향이 제법 쎄더라구요. 향에 깜짝 놀라서 ㅋ 오미자를 마구마구 넣었더니 색은 예쁘네요. 요즘 집안일 할 시간도 없다보니 김치 자주 하기 귀찮아 시간 나자마자 겁없이 왕창 했다가 두 번 다시 그러지 않기로 다짐했어요. 첨엔 예쁘게 한 줌씩 버무리다 에라 오르겠다 막 비볐더니 다 엉켜서 어떻게 꺼내먹을런지.ㅋ 앞으론 전라도김치는 사 먹는걸루.💧 . . . . . #전라도김치몰라요 #그냥좋다는건마구다넣었어요. #김치 #파김치 #반찬 #살림 #요리 #주부스타그램 #koreanfood #kimchi #greenonionkimchi #food #foodie #cook #キムチ

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These are just some of the many kimchi dishes out there and even more by how different each region prepares them. Have you heard of any of these specific kimchi dishes before? Maybe you have heard of more and have a favorite? Comment below if you do! Sharing is caring!

This is just one of the many side dishes if you want to know more mouth-watering side dishes read about them from this article on Banchan!

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