The Delicious Nostalgia of Shrimp Crackers

The Delicious Nostalgia of Shrimp Crackers

The crackers that give all of us the feels. 

by Maggie Pie

Shrimp crackers, or saewoo-kkang (새우깡) are such a simple snack, but yet so...satisfactory. It's arguably the most popular and well-known snack among Koreans, and the iconic red bag is recognizable from a mile away -- it hasn't changed much since the snack first hit shelves over 40 years ago! The chips have a light, airy texture similar to rice crackers, and their flavor packs a much bigger punch -- opening each bag is like taking a deep breath of the sea.

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Many Korean children grow up with this snack staple, and even as adults, saewoo-kkang makes for a great anju, or snack with alcohol. It's also a great snack to munch on when you hit up a noraebang (karaoke)! These crackers aren't only enjoyed by kids. Adults love them too! Actor Lee Jong Suk and Kang Ji-woo show how shrimp crackers are the perfect snack to share and enjoy at any age.

That jingle you hear? It's been around for decades. Check out these retro saewoo-kkang commercials from way back in the day! And here's the guys from Shinhwa from when they were still boys... There have been a few (somewhat questionable) flavor variations over the years, including cocoa and squid ink saewoo-kkang. ? The other mainstay flavor these days is just "Hot & Spicy," which is just as addicting! 517pa8vug0l

Shrimp crackers are not only loved by Koreans, but pretty much all Asians. The crackers come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some other brands that have developed their own version of this shrimp cracker. 20130827-shrimp-chips-labeled If you'd like to try saewoo-kkang for yourself, SnackFever's September YG collaboration box includes a pack! So you might want to subscribe

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