THE BOYZ 'Reveal' First Full-Length Album

THE BOYZ 'Reveal' First Full-Length Album

After a very challenging but successful 2019, THE BOYZ keep proving to audiences far and wide what they’re capable of in 2020. The group only gave fans a couple of weeks to prepare for the comeback, announcing it in late January and releasing it a merely three weeks later, showing that THE BOYZ did not come to play. Their first full-length album, Reveal, consists of nine songs including its titular track; and all will have you down for their love at first listen.

First on the track list is “Ego,” an intense song that will hook you from the beginning and won't let you go. With mixes of electronic beats, harsh rapping and soothing vocals, your self-esteem will be through the roof before the song ends.

It’s followed by the lead single, “Reveal,” a song that talks about wanting to expose their love for someone else, yet they keep hiding in the darkness to let that person shine. The music video depicts the group in sleek black and white outfits accompanied by various stages and dance moves that reveal intense emotions. 

Every night down for you
I’ll cover myself in the darkness
You should shine, I’ll wait for you

“Shake You Down” will have you shaking with emotion from the very beginning with the message of being addicted to a certain someone. Tailing right off with a similar theme is “Scar” in which the members realize how they’re so stuck on that certain someone that they can’t escape. They compare this feeling to that of a snake bite, something so painful, but the scar that is left behind is how they are connected to one another.

“Salty” is here to give a wakeup call when things didn’t plan out as they thought they would. Realizing that the sweet moments will only be at the beginning of the relationship, what’s to come next will be salty and not what was expected from the beginning. Switching up the intensity of the album but not the theme is “Break Your Rules.” While it’s an upbeat song, it mentions the previous wakeup call and noticing that things aren’t always sweet. Unable to do what they want, it seems unfair when the other person doesn’t have to abide by these rules. 

“Wings” is THE BOYZ way of staying near that certain someone, but not close enough to get hurt. Since heart still flutters whenever they come near, that special someone is hard to avoid. Instead of avoiding them they will delicately approach until they are comfortable with them once again. “Goodbye” is a song composed of beautiful string instruments and piano notes that will have you feeling like you’re in a fantasy land. The group’s soothing vocals blend into a harmonious chorus, and the lyrics will have you feeling loved without even knowing it. The meaning of the song stays true to the title: Although goodbyes are unavoidable, the members hope that fans can accept this beautiful send-off, knowing that THE BOYZ will always be by their side.

“Spring Snow” ends the album by giving fans a heartfelt moment that’s not necessarily a goodbye. Dedicating this song to fans, THE BOYZ wanted to prove to their fans how loyal they’ve been. Having had a hand to hold throughout their journey from a Winter 2017 debut to their full-length album being released in the spring comes together to symbolize ‘Spring Snow.” 

Without missing a beat, THE BOYZ always make sure that their fans know they are loved. If you’re looking for more heartfelt moments, make sure to check out their official YouTube in which the members have their very own series, “BOYLOGS.” Watch them as they have fun doing what they love to do throughout the videos!

Are you down for their love, like they are for you? What did you think about THE BOYZ first full-length album? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: THE BOYZ (Cre.ker Entertainment)
Written by Briseida Rivera