The Best Drink for the Winter: Yuja Tea

The Best Drink for the Winter: Yuja Tea

Winter is beautiful. Sometimes there’s snow, other times there’s hot chocolate, and most likely you’ll get sick at one point. Though, that doesn’t have to be the case. Ever heard of Yuja Tea? It’ll keep you nice and warm, but most importantly healthy.

Yuja tea or as it’s pronounced in Korean, Yuja-cha (유자차) is made from a citrus fruit called Yuja (유자). It looks almost like a lemon, most people say that it is a citron but don’t get them confused. While both are a type of citrus, they are not the same. Yuja is cultivated in Asia and was introduced to Korea and Japan by China during the Tang Dynasty. It can be grown in cold weather which is quite strange for a citrus, but it only adds to its charm.

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If you want to make fresh Yuja tea, you might face some difficul-tea. It’s illegal to import Yuja into the United States and Canada. It is grown and sold domestically, but the rarity of this fruit causes price jumps from time to time. One Yuja can range from eight to twenty dollars. Unless you’re in Korea, it’s hard to come by but there are other ways to make this tea.

Yuja-Cheong, which is Yuja marmalade, can be used to make tea by mixing it with hot water. It isn’t the freshest but it’s still Yuja! You can also buy pre-made Yuja Tea from Korean Markets or on websites like Amazon. If fresh is what you want, you can replace Yuja with lemon. Maangchi’s explains the process of making the tea from scratch more in-depth with her video on Yuja tea.

Yuja Tea is more than just an aesthetic yellow drink. It’s packed full of Vitamin C, which helps with a variety of ailments! It is good for treating the common cold, sore throats, and fevers. Yuja is good for indigestion and also helps with discoloration of the skin. Pretty helpful for those cold months when your immune system might need an extra boost!

If you ever find yourself in Korea drink up some fresh Yuja-cha. It’s an experience you can’t have anywhere else. Or find some marmalade and join the par-tea! Snuggle up with a cup and make it your drink for the holiday season.

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