Yuja Tea: Your Ultimate Winter Drink

The Best Drink for the Winter: Yuja Tea

Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons and a good excuse to grab a cup of hot drink. Some go for Korean coffee or hot chocolate. With the cold weather, you might still get sick even after sipping a hot beverage.

How about enjoying a warm tea with fantastic health benefits? Yuja tea will keep you nice, warm, and healthy. 

What is Yuja Tea?

Yuja tea, or Yuja-cha (유자차), is a popular local tea made from a Yuja (유자), a citrus fruit that looks like a lemon. Others mistake it for a citron, but they are not the same. 

People grow Yuja during the cold season, which is different from other citrus. This fun fact only adds charm to Yuja. 

Yuja Tea Recipe

You may have some difficul-tea when you try to make fresh Yuja te from scratch. Getting Yuja to the United States and Canada is challenging, but you can buy it in Korea, especially during the winter. 

The price of one Yuja goes as high as 20 USD, but you can still drink this delicious winter tea. If you can get Yuja, slice the fruit thinly, remove the seeds, put the slices into the water, and add hot water.

You can also add sugar and turn it into a sweet tea! Watch the video here.

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Where To Buy Citron Tea?

If you need help looking for and buying Yuja, you can get premade Yuja Tea in Korean markets. Some come in packs and blends with Kombucha. It's one of BTS Jungkook's favorites! If you want to try different tea flavors, get the Teazen Kombucha bottle gift set by Kim Tae Ri!

Is Yuja Tea Good For Sore Throat?

People drink Yuja Tea to treat sore throats plus other ailments like fevers and the common cold. Korean tea also contains Vitamin C to keep you healthy during the cold season, making it the ultimate winter tea!

Are you struggling with skin discoloration? One of the benefits of Yuja Tea is improving your skin complexion and the immune system boost! 

Like most teas, curing indigestion is one of the best Yuja Tea benefits. So if you want a hot winter drink packed with health benefits, Yuja cha is the best pick!

Travel in Korea this winter, and don't miss out on getting a warm fresh cup of Yuja Tea! It is also the best time to snuggle up and read a book or create your own Yuja Tea to join the winter par-tea!

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Written by Stephanie Lemus

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