The Best (And Most Controversial) Korean Snacks...So Far

The Best (And Most Controversial) Korean Snacks...So Far

The SnackFever Family has spoken.

Be sure to check out our Top 10 Korean Snacks, Drinks, Ramen Noodles, and Candy lists for 2016! You can find them all here in our new beta shop: SnackFever Beta   We had an absolutely overwhelming response to our survey. Thank you to every person who submitted their response! We have learned plenty from your honest and thoughtful responses, and we plan to improve our service and products with them in mind! Out of the hundreds of Korean snacks and treats we've sent out over the last several months, we've identified the top 20 favorite snacks (so far), as voted by our family. We've also found the four most controversial snacks -- these received plenty of votes for both favorite and least favorite snacks. Use this as a guide as you continue to receive your SnackFever boxes! And be sure to look forward to even more Korean snacks -- you haven't seen (and eaten) all of them yet! ?

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Favorite Korean Snacks

1. Shindangdong Tteokbokki tteokbokki Delicious tteokbokki in chip form? Who woulda thunk. But it somehow works. The chips are a bit on the sweeter side, so don't worry about not being able to handle too much spiciness!  

2. Ghana Milk Chocolate ghana There's Willy Wonka's famous chocolate...and then there's Ghana Milk Chocolate. The bold red wrapper may first draw your gaze, but the chocolate inside doesn't disappoint.

  3. Chilsung Cider chilsung_cider

The most refreshing soft drink from Korea -- a title Chilsung Cider has held for a long time since it launched in 1950s. One can of this refreshing lemon-lime drink is perfect for a pick-me-up on a warm day.

  4. Ace Chocolato ace_logo

It's the classic flaky Ace crackers with chocolate on them. And the chocolate is in the shape of a mountain. Yeah, this one works.  

5. Goguma Kkang sweet_potato Sweet potato chips -- these were cool before sweet potato fries became mainstream. An old-school option that will never go out of style.  

6. Waffle Mate waffle_mate

A sweet, chewy waffle cookie that pairs amazingly well with coffee or tea -- or even a la carte!  

7. Veggie Crackers veggie_chips These vegetarian-friendly chips are made with a variety of veggie extracts -- onion, broccoli, tomato, kale, red cabbage, paprika, and onion. You might just see this included with a future box featuring vegetarian snacks and food from SnackFever!

  8. Custard (Sweet Gold) golden_custard_logo

A sweet potato mini-pie with a custard filling? That is something just begging to be eaten and enjoyed. We're glad that many of the SnackFever family did just that!  

9. Honey Tong Tong honey_tong Conan O'Brien himself named this his favorite snack during this visit to South Korea. Honey Tong Tongs are one of the better snacks to come out of the honey butter craze, and like most of the others, these are tough to find right now. snackfevercom 10. Sweet Rice Pie chaltteok

You can't help but get excited while reading this: chocolate-covered mochi pie with a red bean filling. Game over.  

11. Otto Cheese Ramyun cheese_ramyun

One of the best #foodhacks ever is to put a slice of American cheese in your piping-hot ramyun when you're about to eat. Someone finally put it all together in a nice little package!

  12. Premium Ghana Chocola ghana_choco

If the big bar of Ghana chocolate is too much for you, this might be just right. The bite-size pieces, individually wrapped in a nice box could also make a nice little gift (to yourself ?)!  

13. Inner Beauty Planner Drink beauty_drink Beauty begins with what you eat...or something like that. This berry-flavored drink will help you get started with plenty of Vitamin C and E, plus aloe bits to help you skin out!

14. Tiramisu tiramisu Koreans love their sweet mini-pies, so why not tiramisu? This is a great snack/dessert alternative when you can't get the real thing!  

15. Cereal Choco cereal

Do you have those days where you find yourself eating cereal by itself, straight out of the bag? We understand. We also think cereal tastes better with chocolate in each bite! We have a hunch this might actually work well with milk, too...  

16. Harvest Original harvest Harvest Original is perfect for those who need a bit of a break from the typical sweet and savory. These lightly-sugared biscuits are sesame-flavored, and you'll find the seeds scattered throughout. It's a light and healthy snack, and it's just enough for a commute or between meals!  

17. Kokomen (ramyun) kokomen Kokomen is considered one of the best-tasting ramyun options by Koreans, so your opinions are right in line! The ramyun comes with a spicy chicken broth, so it's perfect for those cold winter nights (or hot summer days, if you feel like sweating it out)!  

18. Lotte Crushed Pear pear_drink

A classic Korean drink with juice from Asian pears. We're looking forward to warmer days when we can drink this chilled. So good.  

19. Purple Rice Crackers ssal_crackers

You can never go wrong with sweet rice crackers. And they're purple.   

20. Choco Kit choco_kit

Who says you can't play with your food? Kids (especially girls) will love this DIY kit that allows you to create your own bite-size snacks in molds, as well as dress your own character - Sue or Bin!  

Most Controversial Korean Snacks

These snacks received votes for both FAVORITE and LEAST FAVORITE. What do you think of these?  

1. Crunch Rice Bar crunchy_rice_bar Another classic Korean snack! Honestly, the SnackFever team were split on whether our family would enjoy this snack or not. It is a bit traditional/old-timey, as it is known as an ahjusshi/ahjumma snack. But if you did enjoy it, good on you!  

2. ChocoPuff chocopuff Chocolate crunch bars with fruit flavors -- we thought this would be a hit, but it also had its number of people who disliked it. We definitely encourage you to give this a try, as you don't come across this type of snack very often!  

3. Shikhye shikhye Okay. Shikhye is one of the most beloved and delicious drinks for Koreans. Its malty sweetness, especially when chilled, is nothing short of perfect -- even with the rice bits. We understand that the rice bits may have thrown some people off, but it's what makes shikhye so distinguishable. We'd encourage you to give it a second chance -- especially if you're able to try homemade shikhye! Homemade is always better.  

4. Ojingeo TangKong (Spicy) ojindeo_ttangkong

Squid peanut balls. There is nothing like this combination in the world, but it works! At least, it worked for many SnackFever family members. But for many others, it may have been too out there. This is one of the most popular Korean snacks at the moment, so it's another must-try!

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