The Beauty of Bingsu

The Beauty of Bingsu

Rain or shine, cold or hot, there is always a time and place for Bingsu. Do not worry if you do not know what Bingsu is. After reading this article, you will not only know what it is, but you will also want to go on your phone and look up the closest Bingsu place around.

Bingsu, also known as Patbingsu or Bingsoo, is a dessert that has finely shaved ice. Typically, it is topped with fresh fruit, red bean paste, condensed milk, and/or fruit syrup.

Many places get creative with this dessert. It is very popular so there are many varieties.

Watermelon Bingsu, is one favorite version of Bingsu. Many people love watermelon on a hot day. Now, with Watermelon Bingsu, we have a fantastic combination of bingsu and half a watermelon. The fresh and watery combo is a perfect choice for a hot sweltering day. 

Mochi Bingsu is also very popular. Mochi is a soft and stretchy dessert made of rice cake. Some Bingsu's have small pieces of mochi added in. Between the ice cream texture of the shaved ice and the soft chewiness of the mochi, this version is a must try.

If you are a cookie lover, then you should try Oreo Bingsu!. While simple, the combination of tons of oreo crumbs and soft, icy Bingsu is perfect for anyone who wants something with a little crunch.

There are even some bingsu's that include tarts! It is a two in one deal! You can choose your fruit flavor and enjoy the combination of both as one.

Lava cake Bingsu is perfect for the chocolate lovers out there. Shaved ice is already filled with deliciousness - how can it not be incredible if you top it with a small lava cake?

Sweet Potato Bingsu is a must-try for those who want something more classic and less sweet. Sweet Potato is known for all the good it gives you, great skin, good for your health, and it now even acts as a perfect topping. Sometimes, it is also served alongside condensed milk, assorted nuts, and cheesecake.

Coffee Bingsu is for those in need of caffeine. It is a great choice for those who lean more towards the bitter side in taste. Usually it is paired up with an assortment of nuts, cocoa powder, and even chocolate covered espresso beans.

There are many different Bingsu's and each shop makes them differently. From whole fruit Bingsu's to ice cream bingsu, there is a never-ending list of magical combinations.

Have you tried any Bingsu on this list or have a favorite shop that makes it different? Comment below if you do and let us know what it is.

Written by Anjellica S.

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