TEEN TEEN Takes Flight with Debut Single "It's On You"

TEEN TEEN Takes Flight with Debut Single

Make way for the new cuties in town! Maroo Entertainment has just debuted a new boy group, TEEN TEEN, and they are melting everyone's hearts! Made up of three former Produce X 101 contestants (Lee Woo-jin, Lee Tae-sung and Lee Jin-woo), TEEN TEEN is young, full of energy, and determined to prove their talents. Now, they have released their first mini album, called VERY, ON TOP, which contains five songs that are pure and bright with a youthful teen pop sound. 

“It’s On You” is the energetic title track and the first view we get of the boys, setting the cutesy and fun feel of the album. The music video uses both pastel and neon colors, which might seem like it could be messy, but they pull it off beautifully. Although it is not the deepest song, the track successfully tells the audience “Hey, we’re the new kids, check us out!”

On VERY, ON TOP, intro song “On Top” is used to bring in the audience's attention. Similar to a mixtape, it sets the mood of the album whilst showing off the skills of the artists— somewhat like the portfolio. The complete instrumental gives off a sense of youth, and is both compelling to young audiences, who are drawn by the energetic vibes; and older audiences, who can reminisce on their past.

“Be My Girl” is a clear example of  cuteness being used as an advantage. The dance is full of aegyo and is enough to make young audiences swoon over the trio. However, it is a dangerous decision to make, as many artists try to keep the cutesy look throughout their career, and do not expand. Hopefully, TEEN TEEN and Maroo Entertainment will develop them and their music into a more stable image. As of now, the aegyo works well for their ages (between fifteen and sixteen years old), and has been very enjoyable to watch. 

“With Me” is also a cute track that speaks about young love. It is the first song of the album that includes a bit of rap, adding texture and proving the members have talent and skills to show us. 

“Stay” has arguably the most different sound on the album (with the exception of “On Top”), and makes for a great conclusion. The song starts off quiet and nostalgic, and then builds up to a very smooth drop in the chorus with the boys showing off their vocals more than any other part of the album. TEEN TEEN has shown a promising start, and hopefully will become popular and loved in the K-pop community!

Maroo Entertainment is under the Mnet Media label and was established in 2007, creating some reputable idols and groups. Amongst these is Park Ji-hoon, who was a Produce 101 contestant, a trainee under Maroo, and later transferred to WANNA ONE; and Norazo, a hilarious duo known for their eccentric stages and comical lyrics. 

TEEN TEEN, Maroo’s new boy group with honey-like vocals may not have won the Produce X 101 competition, but they have certainly won us over. Lee Woo-jin, Lee Tae-sung and Lee Jin-woo, you are doing great—FIGHTING!

Cover Image: TEEN TEEN (Maroo Entertainment)
Written by Lucille Bamber

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