5 Ways BTS Breaks The Rules
I'm impressed. They're not your average K-pop boy band: they've only been active for three years, but they're revolutionizing the K-pop scene. Team SnackFever will be at KCON LA this year! We hope you're excited to see these guys - we...
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Show Us How Big Your BIAS BOX Is For BIG BANG
SnackFever and AfreecaTV have teamed up with the Vingle BIG BANG community to bring you the Bias Box Challenge! by Team SnackFever Calling all VIPs! Did you miss out on the Bias Box Challenge? We’re giving everyone another chance to...
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What, Or Who, Was YG Before YG Entertainment?
Before Big Bang and partnerships with SnackFever, YG Entertainment was just...YG. by Rachelle "Roach" Building a powerhouse entertainment company was just the pipe dream of one of K-pop’s forefathers. Before Yang Hyun Suk became the founder of YG Entertainment in 1996,...
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