Staff Pick: Cozy BTS Collabs

Staff Pick: Cozy BTS Collabs

Whenever a person has a favorite K-pop group, it's not uncommon to see them flaunt their favorites with different items such as clothes, posters, and even light sticks. Being able to show love and support for a group can be invigorating and it can be even more exciting when announcements for new, unique items come out!

Check out these items that can be found in the Daebak Shop!

BTS Pop-Up: House of BTS Character Flat Cushions

The BTS Pop-Up: House of BTS has offered fans a chance to have BTS in their own homes. That’s right! The BTS members can now have personal one-on-one time with their fans. 

The moment the BTS Pop-Up Shop opened its doors in October 2019, ARMYs have been showered with one new BTS item after another, and one of the new items that many fans have been dying to have are the BTS Character Flat Cushions. What better way to spend quality time with BTS than to have them in your own room! 

BTS WORLD Sweatshirts (Netmarble)

Ever since the release of BTS WORLD, created by Netmarble in June 2019, ARMYs have had the privilege of being able to feel even closer to BTS. The game has allowed BTS to be a part of their fans' world and now ARMYs have a chance to become a part of BTS’ world! 

These super comfortable BTS WORLD sweatshirts are not only great for sweater weather, but also great for lounging around the house. They are also nicely designed to showcase each member of BTS as if they were in a comic book. These cute and edgy sweatshirts bring BTS’ world a little closer to home.

Both of these items can be purchased in our Daebak Shop! Is there any K-pop merchandise you would like to see in the Shop? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Cris White

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