Spring into Spring with these Limited Release Korean Snacks!

Spring into Spring with these Limited Release Korean Snacks!

The most beautiful time of year is upon us as the spring season has begun in Korea! This means that suddenly there is a romantic atmosphere surrounding everyone as cherry blossom trees have bloomed.

Everyone celebrates the beauty of spring by releasing special products, especially those that embody the season. Spring into these snacks while you can because they won’t be around all year! And don’t forget to grab your camera as you snack because you’ll want to have these for the Instagram too!

Honey Pretzels

Try some of Nongshim’s honey pretzels coming from beautiful spring packaging.

Cherry Blossom Sparkling Drink

During the spring season, GS25 releases a Cherry Blossom Burger, and of course, this meal is not complete without a soda! GS25 knows this to be true because they complement it with a light and sweet Cherry Blossom Sparkling drink at the same time.

Cherry Blossom Green Grape Ade

This is a sweet grapeade with artificial green grape flavour in addition to cherry blossom. An extra lovely bonus is that it has chewy gummies in it too!

Cherry Blossom Bread

You can usually find this treat at the annual Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival which is also known as the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival (진해군항제). The tiny flower-shaped cake has a light red bean paste filling with cherry blossom extract.

Cherry Blossom Ice Cream

As the weather warms up, a refreshing cold treat is a must! While you’re grabbing cherry blossom bread and enjoying the scenery at the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival, you also try some cherry blossom ice cream!

Peach Milk

If you love banana milk, give Binggrae’s new peach milk flavour a try!

Spring Edition Choco Pies

Everyone loves the snack cake Choco Pie, but this sweet treat become extra special during the spring when there are several different versions released for this limited time! Lots of fruity flavours are available now. This spring, make sure to get your hands on Pistachio & Berry, Berry Apple & Mango, Fresh Cream Pie Berry, and Strawberry Banana!

Cherry Blossom Pepero

These double-dipped Pepero consist of cherry blossom-flavoured white chocolate coating on the biscuits!

Cherry Blossom Pocky

Although Pocky is known to be a famous Japanese snack, these Cherry Blossom Pocky are exclusive to Korea and you can get them in our Original and Deluxe Box!

Cherry Blossom Honey Butter Chips

If you want to relive the Honey Butter Craze, grab one of these special spring editions of Korea’s favourite chip! It’s the same taste that you love with an extra bit of sweet and sour!

Cherry Blossom Popcorn

Resembling the cherry blossoms flowers, this popcorn has a light tint of pink, as well as a mild cherry blossom flavour. It’s mildly sweet but with a little bit of a yogurt and strawberry taste too.

There are so many nice snacks to try with a variety of flavour—fruity, salty, sweet, and sour. What are you going to try?

Let us know in the comments below!

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