Spring Comes Early with IZ*ONE's 'BLOOM*IZ' Album

Spring Comes Early with IZ*ONE's 'BLOOM*IZ' Album

After the coldness of winter comes the bright, freshness of spring. IZ*ONE made sure to live up to that with their comeback album BLOOM*IZ.  After months of what seemed like endless teasers and sneak peaks, IZ*ONE announced their first full-length album with a question that wrapped everyone around their finger; “When IZ your BLOOMing moment?” 

A twelve-track album, BLOOM*IZ brings a refreshing feel that anyone can enjoy this spring season. It’s composed of the group’s signature upbeat sound, old unit songs (which now include new members), and the members’ own personal touch of being part of the lyric writing process.

Title track “Fiesta” took fans by storm as this electronic-based melody somehow had a way of making them feel like they were being showered with fairy dust by simply listening to the song. Its party-esque melody will give anyone the confidence to decide what goes and what stays. 

The group’s fierceness and confidence can be felt simply by hearing their voices, and the music video doesn’t prove otherwise. As the girls choose what they think is best for them, they claim this party moment as their own and do with it as they will. Bright and flirty outfits play along well with IZ*ONE’s strong and dominating dance moves. Add minimal background scenes with pops of colors, and the group really is the star of this party!

The Fiesta, is at its peak, this won’t end this is a climax
Every moment of myself is beautiful and dazzling
Just remember this one thing
It’s now

The Produce 48 project group far exceeded fans’ expectations of the group’s first full-length release when Stone Music Entertainment dropped the music video for “Fiesta,” setting the mood for the entirety of the album. With songs that make WIZ*ONES really live up to the “wizard” part of their name, the album as a whole has a very illusive and fantasy feel to it. “DREAMLIKE” and “SPACESHIP” are both songs that will have you zooming to your happy place with bouncy beats and fairly-like vocals. Escaping this enchanting theme will be hard to do so, but then again, who would want to leave such a happy place?

“DESTINY,” “YOU & I,” and “SOMEDAY” really slow down the intensity of the album in the midst of the album. With such songs, it’s hard to not feel like you’re part of the group as they embark on this journey of success. The slowing of the melodies really give their fanbase a heartfelt moment and the chance to connect with the group in the process. 

With a very seductive melody comes an equally enticing voice (well, more like twelve voices). “DAYDREAM” is a song that picks up intensity, though not in the way you would expect. The bass-filled song will not only have you swaying to the beat, but also glowing. However, if glowing isn’t really your thing, then maybe blushing is. “PINK BLUSHER” is quite the opposite of the previous track as it picks up pace of the album with its cutesy vocals and cheerful lyrics. 

“AYAYAYA” is a Latin-inspired tune that will have anyone moving their hips to this sexy beat. With having performed this song on their comeback stage, IZ*ONE makes sure their bodies match the waves of their vocals in ways that will surely have your eyes on them every second. “SO CURIOUS” was a subunit song performed by half of the members in the group, however for this comeback IZ*ONE brought in four other members for this curiously-cute track. With lyrics that will have you relating your every action to your feelings, contemplating what seems real and what isn’t doesn’t sound as cute as the girls make it out to be.

“EYES” is the opening track to this magical album while, on the other hand, “Open Your Eyes” closes it off. A nice little touch that will have anyone wondering whether listening to this album was a dream or reality. Whatever you decide upon one thing is certain, listening to BLOOM*IZ only once will be impossible.

IZ*ONE broke records with their first full-length album, having many of their tracks chart within the hour, and holding the biggest opening week sales just six hours into the release. Going to show that their killer appearance has a matching attitude as well. The group had been working on this album for months, which was apparent on the group’s official Twitter. The girls were constantly teasing their fanbase with album concept photos and asking WIZ*ONES about their blooming moments.

The anticipation that comes while waiting for the spring really pays off as the flowers start to bloom. Likewise, IZ*ONE’s hard work really paid off with their album BLOOM*IZ. Are you excited for this springful comeback with IZ*ONE? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: IZ*ONE (Stone Music Entertainment)
Written by Briseida Rivera

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