Spotlight on Cafe Amooh

Spotlight on Cafe Amooh

If you love food art and cartoon characters, we have a place for you. There is one stop you won’t want to miss for more than just one reason. This cafe has foods and drinks that in the shape and represent characters from the American classic Peanuts. There are also some of the Peanuts comics around the shop allowing customers to enjoy a comic while they enjoy their meals. This cute cafe is located in a small shop in Seoul, filled with cute decorations and a desk to take pictures. It’s known as an Instagramable favorite for the look of the cafe and their treats. What is this place? Cafe Amooh!

Cafe Amooh offers all types of beverages. They put Peanuts characters made with whipped cream on their drinks as well as little figurines on the rims of their cups ultimately catching the attention of every customer. It’s the perfect place to cool off as they have plenty of iced drinks to try. From lemonade to iced lattes and different teas like milk tea and green tea, there’s something for everyone no matter your preference. To fit in the cute aesthetic of the cafe, some of the drinks are served in plastic cups with Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid and other aesthetically-pleasing characters.

Their food options are just as tasty and adorable looking as the drinks. If you’re looking for something savory, they have a corn and cheese toast with a sauce and cherry drawing of Linus’ face on top. Cafe Amooh has plenty of choices for your sweet tooth as well.

Their simple options are muffins with other Peanuts character faces on them or a bowl of cereal. If you want a bit more substance, you can find banana sandwiches with Snoopy printed on the top and servings of ice cream with a banana and cereal sprinkled on top.

Character-themed places like this bring nostalgia and happy feelings to the people who visit. It is always great to find a place that has great food and makes you feel comfortable. What is the one thing about a shop or restaurant that draws you in?

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Written by Chey Olexa

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