Spend a Day in L.A.'s K-Town

Spend a Day in L.A.'s K-Town

If you ever find yourself in the sunny city of Los Angeles, there are hidden gems at every corner. K-town is no exception. There are countless delicious restaurants, interesting stores, and places to take aesthetic pictures. So if you want a bite to eat or just want to explore, here are six places to drop by:


  • Yellow House Cafe

Whatever you’re craving, you can probably find it here. The yellow house cafe is much more than your usual cafe. There you’ll find lattes and pastries and also Korean classics like cheese tteokbokki and kimchi fried rice. They also have fusion foods like matcha shaved ice, kimchi and bacon pasta, kimbap, s’mores, and pork cutlets. The cafe is also very aesthetically pleasing so you can get a couple of good pictures to show off to your friends. 

  •  Street Food of Seoul

Looking for classic Korean meals, look no further. Street Food of Seoul at the Wilshire Center has just about everything. You can get snacks like rice cakes, glass noodle tempura, or fried dumplings. Here are a variety of rolls you can choose from if you want a quick meal. They also have savoury entrees like spicy cold noodles, hamburg steak, and udon. On a hot day, you can get a sikhye or rice punch shake. They also have an assortment of cool teas and smoothies you can enjoy as well!


  • Choice Music

Based in the Koreatown Galleria, Choice Music has it all. From LOONA to VIXX, in-store, you can find pins, lightsticks, CD’s, and more! They even selling art prints of many different groups as well. Choice Music gives away some extra photocards when you purchase an album! This store has more of a modern vibe with its sleek shelves and black and white color pattern. They hold online giveaways so check out their account @choicemusicla!

  • Music Plaza 

Music Plaza can be found in the filled with countless CD’s, magazines, posters, and even some meme t-shirts. You’ll find an assortment of music from K-pop, OSTs, Jazz, ballads, and more. You also get freebies and stickers when you get albums here too. Music plaza does raffles from time to time, to get a ticket to enter all you have to do is purchase an item in-store! Music Plaza can be found in the Koreatown Plaza on the bottom floor. 


  • Nature Republic 

Korean skincare and more, that’s what you’ll find in Nature Republic! The store is right above the Wilshire and Western metro station so you don’t have to walk much if you’re visiting. You can find lotion, hair creams, makeup, face masks, and cute nail polish. There are EXO standees to keep you company while browsing.  

  • Namoo

Want a plant for your room or a cute souvenir? Namoo has your back! This store on the corner of K-town, South Western Ave and West 3rd Street to be more specific, is filled with cute succulents and plants. The name is actually the romanization of 나무 which is ‘tree’ in Korean. You can find the best plants for your house and they even deliver! 

K-town has much more to offer! There’s dessert shops, boutiques, and some nice scenery from time to time. No matter where you go there’s always something new to discover. Koreatown is not only filled with stores and shops, but it’s also filled with Seoul. (Please excuse that bad pun.) Where do you want to visit in K-town? Tell us below!

Written by Stephanie Lemus

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