Song Joong-ki Soothingly Seduces Us...With Canned Tuna

Song Joong-ki Soothingly Seduces Us...With Canned Tuna

The "Descendants of the Sun" actor can make anything sound sexy.

In this recent Korean commercial, he literally asks if you'd like to have some tuna before you leave for the night. Canned tuna, at that.

Yeah...we can definitely stay longer. And that's just a teaser. Here's the full commercial below.

For Joong-ki, it's important that he keeps his health, strength, mind, facial complexion, and style all together while he deals with the busy life of an actor. Canned tuna, or cham chi in Korean, fits the bill perfectly. song_joongki2 Yup. song_joongki3 This is the look of a man who eats plenty of tuna. descendants

Disclaimer: We cannot vouch if Song Joong-ki tastes as good as canned tuna ~~ snackfevercom

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