Some Korean Snacks that are Summertime-Fine

Some Korean Snacks that are Summertime-Fine

Summer heat. You either love it or you hate it.

by Rachelle Dragani and Taylor Tran

My friends often have arguments on whether they enjoy hot weather or not (okay, not often), but there's one thing everyone can always agree on: having some snacks on hand while going on summer adventures is definitely essential to having a good time. Here at the SnackFever office, we're excited for the sunshine, and the beach, and no more homework...but mostly we're just excited for snacks and desserts (obviously). Korea has done well especially when it comes to ice cream snacks. They tend to be not too sweet, super tasty, and most importantly, ultra-refreshing on even the hottest of days. But if you're having trouble deciding on what to munch on, here are some of Team SnackFever's recommendations!

Ja Gal Chi/ Tako Chips Similar in taste and texture to famous shrimp chimps, these octopus-flavored chips are raved about because of the light savory flavor and the satisfying crunch. They have a salty seafood taste and are shaped like adorable little octopuses. Going on a long drive? Take them for the road!

Patbingsoo This dessert dates back decades, and it takes on a lot of different flavors and configurations. In general, the components are shaved ice and red bean paste. Then again, if you're a modern day Korean, you'd pile a bunch of other stuff on there, too, like chopped fruit, nuts, whipped cream, condensed milk, green tea ice cream, and even cereal. Anyone in Korea, or in major cities that have Koreatowns, can probably point you in the direction of their favorite bingsoo joint. But this is also a fun and easy one to make on your own -- only you control your patbingsoo destiny!

Melona Bars


These are the ultimate mix of creamy, sweet, and completely refreshing after a long, hot day. If you need a Melona Pop now, check out their handy 'Where to Buy' feature that might help you discover a Melona near you.

Milkshake in a Bag

This is one of the snacks that non-Koreans have to take a moment to comprehend. It's a...milkshake? In...a bag? Why not just serve it in the usual cup? I don't have the answer to that question, but I can tell you that once you've had one Korean milkshake in a bag, you'll be hooked. These are usually super frozen just out of the freezer, and after a bit of softening they're the perfect cold, creamy treat -- rich in flavor but also cool and light. It's especially great as a balancing dessert after a spicy and steamy Korean meal. The good old tried-and-true vanilla flavor is a classic, but Cookies & Cream is another favorite.


Bungeoppang With Ice Cream and Samanco

Bungeoppang are fish-shaped waffle snacks sold on the street that are normally filled with red bean paste. But why fill a fish-shaped waffle with just red bean paste? Why not ice cream, too? The waffle is the perfect vessel, giving a bit of a savory taste and change in texture that you don't get with a normal cone.


If you don't have access to bungeoppang right off the street, you could get the individually-packaged Samanco, a frozen version that also has red bean paste and ice cream in it. This is one of the tastiest sweets in Korea, and it just might make you feel like a 6-year-old.

Ice Heim Frozen Yogurt Wafer

These little frozen treats are also really convenient and portable! It's similar to Samanco, but if you're not a fan of red bean, then the Ice Heim will be perfect for you! The wafers are filled with just yogurt, and you're supposed to freeze them before eating. But don't freeze them for too long -- they might get too hard! However, when it's perfectly frozen, it's the perfect sweet, tarty, and cold balance to a hot summer day.

If you can't find any Korean snacks at your local grocery store, join SnackFever to have Korean snacks delivered to your doorstep every month!! It's Korean snacking made simple :) 

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