#SnackTalk with 'Dramaworld' Star Sean Dulake

#SnackTalk with 'Dramaworld' Star Sean Dulake

Sean Dulake is a man of many talents. He also has a six-pack. 😎

The heartthrob of Viki's first original series "Dramaworld" swung by the SnackFever HQ to talk about what he's been up to these days, as well as give us a few exciting tidbits on what to expect in the show! Take a look at our chat with Sean below, and if you haven't already, we'll tell you how to get started with "Dramaworld" on Viki!  

SnackFever: What is your favorite Korean snack?

Sean Dulake: The truth is, I don't eat snacks because I've had to stay in shape for the last year, so I've completely stayed away from snacks. 😢 But if I had to choose ... I really like the Market O brownies. Those are good -- I just can't have them every day! (laughs)

Favorite Korean dish?

Spicy Galbijjim! 😍

What do you think about the response to "Dramaworld" from fans so far?

I think it's been overwhelming. We didn't expect as big of a response as we've gotten. The show was translated into over 30 languages within 24 hours of release, which Viki told us is more languages in a shorter amount of time than any other show that's been on Viki. Just the fact that this happened, especially since it's the fans who are the ones adding the subtitles, shows that they like it. Reading the comments, it's been really overwhelming to see that we've actually tapped into what they like. They weren't just saying, "I like this show." They were saying, "This girl is me. I want to be in Dramaworld!" dramaworld1In "Dramaworld," Claire Duncan (Liv Hewson), a huge K-drama fan, is magically transported into her favorite show, which includes characters Joon Park (Sean Dulake), Seo-yeon (Bae Noo-ri), Seth Ko (Justin Chon), and Ga-in (Kim Sa-hee). 

Have you read the live chats on each episode?

I haven’t read too much of it, but people freaked out on my shower scene (laughs) and they freaked out when Siwon (Super Junior) came out, when Han Ji-min came out. The cameos were big. There are big twists and turns [in the story] -- there are much bigger things happening later in the show.

Your character, Joon Park, is a chef with plenty of flair. How much of your cooking skill were you able to show off? Did you have to take any lessons?

I went through some culinary courses before shooting, learning some knife skills. I'm actually going to give a shout-out to Seoul Sausage Co. in Los Angeles. They let me work in their kitchen for a week before I went to Korea to learn some basic things!

The restaurant we were shooting at, called the Libertine, is a really fantastic place in Itaewon. It has great food! They let us shoot our show there, they let us use their food, and they let us use their chefs!

Any favorite memories of your time shooting the show?

I will say, especially since this relates to SnackFever and food, there's a really epic food fight in the show. I can't say too much, but I'm really proud of that scene. I'm really excited to show people! Shooting that was awesome, because we had a wide shot and we did the scene straight through. The director yelled, "Cut!" and all the crew started clapping. We were like, "Man, what just happened?" It was just really crazy and awesome.

What does a typical day look like for Sean Dulake?

These days...ooph. For a while, I was usually on the phone with people in China in the morning. I had fellow actors in town from Korea, too, so around the premiere, it was pretty crazy. These days, I'm just working out, meeting with friends, going over scripts, rehearsing, and going out at night!

What are some words you live by?

Be the best version of yourself. I'm a strong believer in not comparing myself to other people, because that doesn't do anything. I think what you bring to the table is what makes you unique, so if you can do that to the best you can, there is no way you can fail.

Any plans for the summer?

I've got a movie coming out in July! It's a Korean movie called "Operation Chromite" (인천상륙작전). I helped co-write it with the director, and I'm playing Gen. Douglas MacArthur's (Liam Neeson) lieutenant colonel. I'm very, very excited about that!

You can watch the first five episodes "Dramaworld" at Viki.com! New episodes are released every Sunday. Episodes 5 and 6 were just released, and things are getting CRAZY!!!

Edit: In an earlier version of this article, we mistakenly spelled Liv Hewson's name incorrectly. We are incredibly sorry for the error! 😬 ~~ snackfevercom

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