SnackFever's Favourite Places to Eat in Korea

SnackFever's Favourite Places to Eat in Korea

Travelling abroad is one thing that belongs on almost everyone’s bucket list—seeing a different sea, experiencing a different culture, trying different food. Food. Something that becomes a daily topic. “What food should we eat?,” “Where shall we eat?,” “Is the food good here?” The list of questions becomes almost endless! Well, who better to ask about good places to eat in Korea than the hardworking team at SnackFever? Here are some of the group's favourite places, that maybe you can check out when you’re over there. 

  • Tosokchon Samgyetang

This restaurant lies in the area surrounding Gyeongbokgung Station and is known for selling some of the tastiest samgyetang (chicken soup with ginseng) and allows customers to have that full traditional experience with the restaurant being in a cute little traditional Korean house. Though the soup is their main dish, it is not all they sell there. Why not try some of their seafood and onion pancake or even some flavoursome rotisserie chicken? All while enjoying the peaceful ambiance and friendly service, it truly makes for a peaceful meal.

  • Gwangjang Market

It’s street food, and a lot of it! Perfect for those who don’t quite know what they fancy to eat. Take a visit to this fast-paced and lively market and you will be spoilt for choice. From fishcakes to kimbap, a plethora of noodles or some hearty dumplings. Almost anything you can think of can be found right here. All the mouth-watering foods layout in front of you, the sizzling aroma floating through the air and an exciting, friendly atmosphere surrounding you. It’s definitely a must-visit for anyone looking to travel to South Korea.

  • Nature Kitchen

Situated within the bustling city of Seoul, this restaurant is perfect for those seeking that gorgeous restaurant look for their Instagram, while also craving some delicious foods. And what’s more, this delicious food is available on a buffet! So eat whatever you want! A whole variety of Korean food available for you under one roof. Tasting the wonderous flavours of Korea just got a whole lot easier. And cheaper, with nice and friendly affordable prices. Who says you can’t eat gourmet meals on a budget? 

  • Flower Pig

Standing within Hongdae, this Korean BBQ grants you access to all the mouthwatering flavours of meat and spices. The scent of sizzling meat is sure to give you an appetite. So when you’ve been out in the cold, or maybe been too busy visiting attractions to grab something tasty, take a  moment out of your day to relax here. With flavour bursting from every piece of meat that you chew, you are guaranteed to leave feeling satisfied, and it may even make Korean BBQ your new favourite thing ever… Just saying.

So now when you take that journey over to South Korea, hopefully, you won’t have to sit and think for a while about where you’re going to eat, and instead, you will have more time to spend eating the food! 

Let us know if you’ve ever eaten at any of these places before and what you thought of them. Feel free to drop your favourites down in the comments too! We’d love to hear them!

Written by Nicole Simpkin

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