SnackFever Team's Top Picks

SnackFever Team's Top Picks

The SnackFever team has always been surrounded by amazing Korean foods and snacks; is it even possible to pick a favorite? It was a tough choice but our team managed to narrow it down to our personal favorites.

Jo’s pick



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Not only is Jo a strong leader when it comes to leading the SnackFever team, but he’s also the strongest lover of this Korean snack classic. Even before launching the company, Jo tells me that he's been munching on these crunchy goods. Gosh, thinking about it now, I think I saw him sneaking a bite of these at the office!

Howard’s pick



We’ve seen Howard-- I mean, #Hotward-- nibble on a variety of snacks, right? This SnackFever Oppa isn't one to shy away from the camera when he's enjoying a number of these snacks. Who knew that this old time classic would be his ultimate favorite? He tells me that he would pick these out of all the other snacks we get here at the office, haha!

Hyemin’s pick

Caramel Maple  Corn Chip


Hyemin works hard to make sure that the graphics that you see on our site are not only professionally done, but bright and eye-catching. In between working on her computer tirelessly, she tells me she would always reach for a bag of these Caramel Maple Corn Chips because “It’s just the right kind of sweet to keep me energized and happy.”

David's pick



In my search for everyone's favorite snack, I ran into David. Funnily enough, before I could finish asking for his favorite, he pointed to these candies. “This is my favorite Korean jelly snack; I’ve had it ever since I was a kid and remind me of the good old days whenever I eat these.” It’s always heartwarming to see someone excited about anything that reminds them of childhood.

Ashley Jean’s pick

Churroz snack

This is me! I admit, I have a very hard time picking-- well-- anything. But you can’t go wrong with anything churro, am I right? Churros make the world go round and the birds sing just a little louder. If you’re a huge fan of anything and all things churro, I would definitely give these a try. Be careful, you might fall in love!

Jessica’s pick

Pepero Almond


Jessica has managed to do the impossible and narrow down her favorite all the way down to the flavor! She says that Pepero has claimed its rightful space in her heart because of “... the crunchy texture and the simplicity of the snack itself. I can eat Pepero Almond at whatever time of the day! It doesn’t matter if it’s after a morning walk or at 3 AM stressing about finals.” I mean, same. “It’s not overwhelmingly sweet... Perfect blend of chocolate, almond and bread.” It is almost habitual for Jessica hunt this specific Pepero down when she’s out and about.

Angela’s pick


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What, another Pepero lover? This one is a little different, Angela couldn’t just pick one favorite, claiming her love for the snack and its variety of flavors has grown with her over the years. “It’s a classic childhood snack that I enjoyed all the time. My aunt used to work for the company and brought boxes full of them!” It seems that Angela’s aunt had the idea of snack boxes long before SnackFever came along!

Athena’s pick 

Jolly Pong


The dangerous thing about snacks is that you can get addicted to them fairly quickly; Athena chooses Jolly Pong because she says,“It’s sweet and really addictive when I’m craving a sweeter snack. It’s also really as a cereal when you’re too lazy to cook in the morning.” What other kind of snack can be this versatile? A snack and a cereal?

“That’s amazing,” I told her.

“I may or may not have just finished a bag in one sitting, though…”

Sydney’s pick 

Lollipop Ice Cream Chew


The packaging itself on this snack makes any mouth water. But alas, Sydney’s pick is very, very exclusive. Lollipop Ice Cream Chewing candies are only sold in Korea’s 7-11 stores, unfortunately. “When I was studying abroad in Korea, I always enjoyed taking a little study break to go down to 7/11 just to buy the candy! I brought home 6 bags when I came back to the United States and I already ate them all.” So much for sharing, huh, Sydney?!

Evelyn’s pick

Tteokbokki Snack Chips


Yes, you read that correctly. The famous Korean dish Tteokbokki made into a chip snack! Evelyn was astounded when she first got to try this one out, “I was surprised that the chips were sweeter rather than spicy. I thought the crunch was an extra reason for me to like because it makes the snack more enjoyable.” These chips are really good when you want to hit that specific craving for something between sweet and salty.

Lilian & Michelle’s pick

Shrimp Crackers 


Oh-ho! Here we have a double whammy. Both our interns Lilian and Michelle have declared this old time classic as their favorite.

Lilian says that she’s been eating this savory snack since she was just a little girl; she says that her grandmother would buy these for her all the time. “I’m eating these right now, actually!” She squeals, waving a single piece excitedly.

Michelle also says that she’s loved these shrimp crackers since she was a child. “My best friend from Korea and I used to buy them almost every day on our way to after school day care. But recently, I’ve been enjoying the spicy flavored ones.” Now that is an example of snacks bringing friends closer together. 

And there you have it! Now that you all know our personal faves, what about you? Leave a comment down below and tell us which is your favorite Korean snack!

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