Snack While You Study, Study While You Snack!

Snack While You Study, Study While You Snack!

Everyone has heard about the notorious Korean cram schools, or perhaps the long hours that some public-school students have to endure. Though not every student is subject to these arduous study conditions, students do generally have one thing in common—they love to snack while studying. Let’s take a look at some trademark Korean study snacks that can be found in convenience stores!

  • Eggs

Available in every convenience store, eggs are one of the most popular study snacks among Korean students. The reason? Eggs are low-carb and a great source of nutrients—especially protein. There are usually two types of eggs available: baked eggs and boiled eggs. Baked eggs have a softer egg white and a thick golden yolk. On the other hand, boiled eggs in Korea are cooked in a pressure cooker, and have a tougher jelly-like egg white—or should we say egg-brown? The defining characteristic of Korean boiled eggs is that they are brown! Though it’s hard to describe the flavour of them, they do carry a nutty and roasted taste. Fun fact: Korean boiled eggs are commonly referred to as “sauna eggs” because they are commonly found in Korean saunas (jjimjilbangs)!

  • Flavoured Almonds

Yet another healthy Korean study snack, flavoured almonds have become extremely popular in the past few years. The reason? They come in all sorts of flavours, including tiramisu, honey butter, wasabi, yogurt, and caramel; and new flavours seem to roll out all the time! Flavoured almonds also fill you up, so that you don’t experience the gnawing feeling of hunger just an hour afterward. With an easily accessible (and tasty) healthy snack, there’s no wonder that these flavoured almonds are all the craze.

  • No Sleep Gum

Studying is tiring, but sometimes, you must stay focused and alert. One of the ways that Korean students use to combat their fatigue is by chewing No Sleep Gum. Though the black exterior coating of the gum may make it unappealing to the eye, some people find it delicious. If you’re a fan of strong, minty gums (and we mean strong), or if you struggle with staying awake during class, then this is definitely a product that you should try out.

  • Cup Noodles

Sometimes, you need something a bit bigger to suppress your snacking desires. Some students even go to GS25 and 7-Elevens with their friends to eat cup noodles for lunch in between studying sessions! There are cup noodles galore at convenience stores and plenty of options to choose from. The most popular ones include Buldak Fire Noodle, Shin Ramen, and Jin Ramen. If you want to spice up your noodles, convenience stores often have meal toppers in the refrigerated section as well.

These are only a few of the popular Korean study snacks, but as you can likely tell, they are definitely different from those of other countries. What kinds of study snacks are most popular in your country?

Written by Lynn Lee