Snack Attack: 4 Children's Korean Snacks to Try

Snack Attack: 4 Children's Korean Snacks to Try

Imagine yourself back in elementary school. It’s time to go home after a long day of school, but your tummy grumbles. Snack time begins until it’s time for dinner. With so many choices at the supermarket, possibilities are endless.

Here are four amazingly delicious children’s snacks to tame your hunger:

Pororo Biscuits

First on our list are these cute Pororo biscuits that are shaped like the faces of the show characters. They come in three flavors: cheese, plain, and chocolate; each with its unique taste, and helpful to calm the hunger you may have. Plain and chocolate flavors have a bit more sweetness to them, but it’s not too noticeable. Since these snacks are bite-sized, it’s easy to go through a full box on your own. Not only are these delicious but they’re absolutely adorable to post on social media. Share with the young ones of your family too, they’ll definitely thank you for this sweet treat.

Banana Kick

Next up is this cutely-packaged banana-flavored corn puff. With a smiling banana on the package, who can resist these delicious puffs? They're sweet and tasty, and at first bite, dissolve quickly in your mouth, leaving a trail of sweet banana flavor. These snacks are definitely a bit on the sugary side of the spectrum, but it’s not too packed with sugars. Share a bag with your family and you’ll all be left with happy smiles!

Snoopy Milk

Our next pick is this cute carton full of delicious milky goodness. With four delicious flavors to suit everyone’s taste, it’s hard to deny this cute drink. These milk contain flavors such as banana, coffee, strawberry, and chocolate. Because milk is so healthy, it’s difficult to say these are specific for children, but the cute characters on the carton definitely attract kids easily. Try all these flavors with your friends and family to spark a warm ambience and a smile.

Fish Crackers

If you’re a fan of the song, baby shark, you’ll love this next one. Up next is delicious ocean snacks that will definitely bring a smile to your face. These snacks are bite-sized fluffy crackers in the shape of cute fishes. With many flavors, you can’t get enough. They’re sweet goodness that fill your heart with smiles. Kids simply love these due to their cute shape and the sweetness that isn’t too overpowering. You’ll never get enough! Snack on these will all your ocean friends.

After feasting on all these snacks, don’t forget to try more Korean snacks you may like. Here at SnackFever we have delicious monthly snack boxes you can order for a low price! Happy snacking!

Written by Rebeca A.

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