Sam Kim: The Sunshine with an Angel Voice

Sam Kim: The Sunshine with an Angel Voice

More Korean-American artists are coming back to their homeland to make music and expand the boundaries of K-pop, but the choice of what to listen to can get a little overwhelming for the audience. Every single artist has their unique flavor, bringing the best of both West and East culture. Today, we will have a look at Sam Kim – the charming and heavenly voice of Korean contemporary R&B music!

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Sam’s debut EP, My Name Is Sam, was first released March 28, 2016, when he was only eighteen years old, including the pre-release song Mama Don’t Worry. The acoustic sound of the guitar complements his calming voice and sets the mood for what kind of music you can expect from him in the long run. 

He officially debuted April 10, 2016 on the show K-pop Star 5 with his full-length EP, I Am Sam, and his its lead single “No 눈치 (No Sense),” featuring Crush. The lyrics show the complicated sides of love and how frustrating it can be when the one you like doesn’t get the signs you are trying to give them. On the other hand, the soulful jazz rhythm of the song will have you stomping your feet to the beat.

If there is one artist whose music is a soundtrack to the perfect date, it would be Sam Kim. His cheesy but sweet song lyrics mix so well with his high notes, and the lovelorn instrumentals blend with the beat in what is a very chill, dreamy illustration of romance.

K-drama lovers, there is no way you haven’t heard his voice at least once, even if you haven’t realized it. One of the most popular K-dramas in recent years, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin), has a song performed by Sam on its soundtrack. "Who Are You" is an iconic track on the OST playlist. It even reached #3 on the Korean music charts!

A trendy drama from this year, Search: WWW, also has a song written and performed by Sam. The melodramatic, soft sound takes you on a journey where you can listen to Sam’s voice for hours and calm your mind from all the daily worries. Of course, you might as well run the drama series over a binge session and enjoy the best of both worlds, just sayin'!

If you already wish to see him perform live, don’t worry, Sam is touring all over the world! He was in Europe this spring and recently performed in Singapore as well. His live stage performances are just as captivating (if not more) because you can see his passion for the music he made by himself. His genuine smile and interactions with the audience are absolute signs that you will have a great time yourself if you decide to buy a ticket for his concert and go!

Sam Kim doesn’t only have soft, sentimental vocals but a very charming personality off the stage! If you wish to see more of his content, he has a YouTube channel where he uploads vlogs from his tours, daily life and covers. Check it out and don’t forget to give him lots of love for all the hard work he is doing for his fans and to popularize this type of genre!  

Cover Image: Sam Kim (Antenna Music)
Written by Monica Boyadzhieva

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