Rocket Punch Smashes Expectations with 'Pink Punch'

Rocket Punch Smashes Expectations with 'Pink Punch'

Woollim Entertainment is home to a few well known K-pop groups such as Infinite, Lovelyz, and Golden Child. To keep up the summer energy, Woollim Entertainment attempts to deliver a refreshing hit with its new girl group, Rocket Punch. After a myriad of teasers and concept films, the group debuted on August 7 with their mini album “Pink Punch” featuring a catching, upbeat pop title track called “Bim Bam Bum.” Rocket Punch is the company’s first girl group since Lovelyz’s debut in 2014. 

Rocket Punch consists of six members:

  • Vocalist Juri is a former member of the J-pop group AKB48 where she was the captain of Team B. Juri made her first appearance in Korean television in 2018 as a contestant in the reality show, Produce 48
  • Yeonhee is the leader of the group as well as a main vocalist, lead dancer, and visual. She trained for over two years before debuting.
  • Suyun, main vocalist and lead dancer, and Sohee, lead rapper and dancer, also appeared in Produce 48 where they were introduced as Woollim’s trainees. 
  • Yunkyoung is a main rapper, lead vocalist, and main dancer. She was the fifth member to be revealed. 
  • Dahyun is the maknae, lead vocalist, and visual of the group. She was revealed as the first member of Rocket Punch. As a fourteen-year-old, Dahyun is one of the youngest idols in the industry. 

Their title track, “Bim Bam Bum,” talks about the feeling of nervous excitement when one is in love. It may seem like the typical love song at first, but the song can also be about doing something you love for the first time. The song was produced by Iggy Youngbae, the duo behind many of GFriends’ title tracks. One thing we liked was the even distribution of the lyrics, giving each member a chance to showcase their vocals. Their voices seem to blend together nicely and are not overshadowed by the background beats. Although, we would’ve loved to see a little more rap in “Bim Bam Bum” since two of the members are listed as rappers. 

The music video compliments the song with a colorful atmosphere drawing inspiration from the 90’s neon signs, restaurant and arcade settings. Although influenced by a different decade, the fashion is modernized through their makeup, hair, and accessories. All of that gives the members a youthful yet mature appearance people from all ages can appreciate. 

In addition to the amazingly catchy chorus, the choreography is cute and energetic. It will be exciting to see the dance covers that come out of this. Overall, the song seems like a safe bet; a nice summer song to blast on a road trip or while you’re getting ready to go out. 

Rocket Punch’s style can be described as cute, charismatic and youthful. The 90’s theme also plays into some of their teaser photos as the girls feature denim clothing and knee high socks. At first glance, the first set of photo teasers appears to be bright, cute and bubbly, but when you take a closer look at the splattered paint and serious expressions, you start to think that things may not be as they seem.

The company appears to be putting emphasis on reality versus appearance or first impression. During the concept films released late July, each member had a unique description of what they seemed to be versus what they actually are. Leader Yeonhee is described as looking cold but having the purest heart; meanwhile, Juri is fashionable but doesn’t get scared easily. Perhaps they’ll take aim at an industry that’s known for judging appearances or it might just be another way to show that idols are just like us. Whatever the meaning behind these concept videos may be, it will be something to look forward to since this is only Rocket Punch’s first round. 

Rocket Punch’s debut album consists of six total tracks: “Pink Punch,” “Bim Bam Bum,” “Love Is Over,” “Lucid Dream,” “Favorite” and “Do Something.” The first two tracks feature a similar upbeat tropical pop sound while the third track, “Love Is Over,” slows down a bit and serves as a pleasant transition to the next song. With “Lucid Dream,” Rocket Punch introduces their first ballad with a light and uplifting melody. “Favorite” picks up the pace as a more upbeat pop while “Do Something” wraps up the album with a feeling that will make you want to get up and move to the beat. 

Rocket Punch kicks off their debut with a cheerful mini album that showcases different styles from upbeat, dance tracks to ballads. With their bright and colorful music video, the girls show everyone that they are a group filled with enough potential to smash the K-pop industry.

Cover Image: Rocket Punch (Woollim Entertainment)
Written by Dianelys Fuentes & Sarah Wong

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