Rocket Punch Makes Fans 'Bouncy' Bounce

Rocket Punch Makes Fans 'Bouncy' Bounce

KETCHYs, are you ready to hit the world with Rocket Punch? Six months after their debut, the six-member girl group under Woollim Entertainment has officially made their first comeback with the mini album RED PUNCH.

The much-anticipated comeback was announced through the group's official social media accounts in January, with fans getting their first taste of what title track "BOUNCY" would bring during the Month of Love back in early February, when the group released their first performance teaser.

The fifty-seven second teaser was more than enough to get fans even more excited for the return of their favorite rookie girl group, as it confirmed the continuation of the group's signature bright teen-crush concept and upbeat melodies. With the release of concept photos and moving posters in the days leading up the music video and album, it is safe to say fans were more than ready to get bouncing along to the catchy tune.

The official music video has garnered over 400,000 views in the first hours since its release, with fans and casual listeners alike praising the group's growth since their debut days in August 2019. In the showcase that accompanied the album's release, group member Juri told fans to expect to see a stronger, more powerful side of Rocket Punch as they worked hard to show a different side to their bubbly sound and matching personalities. Fans did not need to be told twice with "BOUNCY" featuring self-empowering lyrics and strong dance moves very fitting to such an uptempo track.

I wanna hit the world with Rocket Punch! is repeated multiple times throughout the album's title track. Sung by all members and no doubt one of the catchiest parts of the song, it’s a line that fans will immediately latch on to as they expect their favorite girl group to take over the K-pop scene and surprise the world with their undeniable talent.

Rocket Punch will be joining senior and fellow rookie groups during the February comeback rush as they take the next few weeks to promote RED PUNCH, featuring appearances in both music shows and the members' chosen variety show "Ask Us Anything." 

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Cover Image: Rocket Punch (Woollim Entertainment)
Written by Vale Papili

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