Ramyeon in Dramas

Ramyeon in Dramas

Ramyeon (or ramen) isn't considered a gourmet meal, but can taste like it! There are so many ways to take your ramyeon to the next level. Today, we’ll be looking at dramas and seeing how they enhance their ramyeon. These dramas won’t just make you fall in love with the characters, but also ramyeon. These clips are borderline mukbangs, and will most likely have you craving some of those sweet carbohydrates.

  • What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim – Kimchi on the Side

In What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, CEO Young-Joon Lee (played by Seo-joon Park), is left with many questions after his secretary, Kim Mi-So (played by Min-Young Park), quits out of nowhere. Young-joon hilariously misreads Mi-so’s intentions as he tries to understand her, and there’s nothing like ramyeon to bring people together.

In this scene, the two are just eating regular ramyeon but pay attention to their side dish. Young-Joon makes Mi-So add kimchi to their ramen. Imagine the crisp sour crunch of kimchi and the warmth from the ramyeon. Depending on the flavor, most of the time just adding kimchi can add a powerful punch, and it’s not that difficult to prepare! You just need a jar of kimchi, and you’re good. If you like tart or sour flavors, you should definitely add kimchi to your meal.

  • The Great Seducer (Tempted) – Adding Egg

A trio of wealthy friends makes a bet that their leader Shi-hyun Kwon (Do-hwan Woo) can’t make Tae-hee Eun (played by Red Velvet’s Joy) fall in love. With twists, turns, and a little bit of blood, this drama isn’t for the faint of heart. It isn’t always a dark story, though. They have plenty of mouth-watering scenes.

The food that shows up the most in the show is ramyeon. It’s how the two main leads connect, but this is the first scene where ramyeon is introduced.  Tae-hee adds an egg to her ramen. For those of you who have never tried this, there's nothing to fear. It’s quite simple. You just put your ramen like you normally would, and a minute to two after, just crack an egg and put it in. The boiling water will cook it in no time. There’s more to each bite when you add egg. It makes ramyeon more filling since it’s more than just the noodles. The smooth texture of the egg with the combination of hot noodles is just heavenly. Are you tempted, yet?

  • Let’s Eat 2 – Getting Fancy with Dumplings

Let's Eat 2 is basically a mukbang with feelings. Dae-Young Jae (played by Doo-Joon Yoon) is a foodie who came back to his hometown, and there he meets his old friend and neighbor Soo-Ji Baek (played by Hyun-Jin Seo). Soo-Ji is tormented by her past,  and feeling guilty, Dae-Young decides to help her with her crush Sang-Woo Lee (played by Kwon Yul). This show doesn’t only have plot twists, but it also adds twists to your favorite Korean convenience store food as well.

This method is similar to adding egg but with more creativity. Dae-Young and Hye-Rim Hwang (played by Seung-Un Hwang) add dumplings and sausage to their meal. It works the same way the egg method does, the hot water heats it up. Depending on what you choose to add, the flavors could change as well. Meat and dumplings makes ramyeon heartier. You won’t feel guilty after eating it too since it feels a little healthier.  

  • Coffee Prince Crank Up the Heat

Coffee Prince is definitely a throwback; one that has a mukbang before mukbang was a word. Han-gyul Choi (played by Gong Yoo) is sick of going on blind dates that are set up by his grandmother. So, he hires Eun-chan Go (played by Eun-hye Yoon) to pretend to be his lover, not knowing she’s a girl. Though, his grandmother gave him the option to take over a run-down coffee shop. He only hires boys so Eun-chan hides her real identity to get a job there. Coffee Prince is actually known for its food scenes. From bibimbap to jjajangmyeon, you’ll be craving it all.

Today, it’s all about the ramyeon scene. Eun-chan adds an egg but also some jalapeños. Ramyeon can be spicy, but if you like things extra hot, this is the perfect way to spice things up. If you get plain ramyeon, there’s nothing like the heat of a jalapeño pepper to add some freshness. Even if your ramyeon is spicy, adding it can change the texture. Imagine the crunch of the pepper and the noodles, it’s a match made in heaven.

You can add many more things, from milk to cheese. The limit only depends on your imagination and taste buds. What’s your favorite way to cook ramen? Any secrets you swear by? Tell us below!

Cover Image: What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? (tvN)
Written by Stephanie Lemus

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