Put Your Love for Korean Food to the Test with These Korean Food Challenges!

Put Your Love for Korean Food to the Test with These Korean Food Challenges!

From the light, sweet flavors of bingsu to the bold, savory flavors of Korean barbeque, Korean food seems to put us in a sense of euphoria. It is easy to fall in love with this versatile cuisine because of its wide variety of flavor combinations. Sometimes, you may think that you simply can’t get enough of what Korean food has to offer… but can you?

After attempting these Korean food challenges, you may start to question yourself:

Donkatsu Challenge

Super King Donkatsu (온정돈까스 or 온누리에생돈까스) in Seoul, Korea offers two different painfully delicious donkatsu challenges. Finish one of these challenges in twenty minutes, you’ll get to keep your 15,000 won. Let’s start off with the large portion challenge.

Upon first glance, you may notice the three slabs of katsu, perfectly fried until it’s golden brown and blanketed with savory katsu sauce but look to the right and you’ll see your worst enemy. Rice. This is by far the largest mound of rice that I’ve seen put into one bowl. How they got it to be perfectly smooth and round is a mystery...

Now, onto the spicy donkatsu challenge! Just look at that deep red color. The appearance alone is enough to make you start to sweat. After starting this challenge, you’ll wish that you had that large mound of rice to help calm the fiery sensation that’s going on in your mouth.

Tteokbokki Challenge

Yup Dduk L.A. prides themselves in their large, but incredibly spicy portions of tteokbokki. You may underestimate the spice level; so, they offer a free smoothie to soothe your stomach when you check in on Yelp - the perfect way of saying “I told you so.” To make your tteokbokki the way you like it, they offer several toppings such as mini sausages, ramen, mandu, extra cheese, and more!

BONUS: Bibimbap Challenge

Although this challenge is no longer available, it is definitely one to be remembered. In 2017, Arirang Korean BBQ in Perth, Australia created the largest bowl of bibimbap that I have ever laid eyes on. Weighing in at 1.8kg (~4 lbs), this gigantic bowl contains rice, bulgogi, five eggs, and the typical bibimbap veggies. If you were able to finish this masterpiece in a mere fifteen minutes, you got this $49 dish for free!

Surprisingly enough, there aren’t that many existing Korean food challenges. Put your love for Korean food to the test by trying some of these deliciously strenuous challenges or make up a challenge of your own. Out of the ones that we shared, which one would you want to try first?

Written by Sarah Wong

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